Honorary Consuls


The City of Nis, besides Belgrade as the state capital, has the most numerous diplomatic corps in Serbia. The diplomatic agréments were awarded to five distinguished citizens of Nis who gained the title of Honorary Consul. Great Britain, Hungary, France, Slovakia and Austria chose the citizens of Nis for their honorary consuls, appreciating their commitment and contribution to strengthening ties and cooperation in various areas with these countries. Honorary consuls, by performing their duties, actively contribute to the promotion of friendly relations with the state they represent, and in cooperation with the permanent mission of that state, help to develop bilateral contacts and connections in all areas of mutual interest.

Petar Bošnjaković


Honorary Consul of Great Britain Petar Bosnjakovic

Professor Petar Bosnjakovic is a renowned radiologist at the Clinical Center Nis. He was awarded the diplomatic agrément by Great Britain in 2006.

contact phone:  + 381 63/408-224
е-mail: petarbos@eunet.rs


Miloje Branković

Honorary Consul of Republic of Hungary – Miloje Brankovic

Miloje Brankovic is a successful businessman from Nis and the owner of one of the most successful Nis companies Ekotrade. In 2009 the Hungarian Embassy appointed him honorary consul.

contact phone: + 381 63/402-147
е-mail: micabrankovic@yahoo.com


Saša Miljković

Honorary Consul of Republic of France – Sasa Miljkovic

Sasa Miljkovic (born Parisian) is an economist with many years of working experience in the European Commission, as well as with the media and the civil sector. At the beginning of December 2009 he was appointed consular representative of the Republic of France in Nis.

contact phone: + 381 65/465-7317; + 381 66/852-8008
е-mail: sacha.miljkovic@gmail.com



Stela Jovanović

Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic – Stela Jovanovic

Stela Jovanovic is a linguist with years of experience in journalism. He has been serving as an Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic since January 2010.

contact phone: + 381 63/418-411
e-mail: stelaj57@gmail.com


Goran Jovanović

Honorary Consul of Republic of Austria – Goran Jovanovic

Goran Jovanovic is one of the founders and the owner of the Austrian-Serbian Company Tagor. The Austrian Embassy appointed him honorary consul of the Republic of Austria in 2017.

contact phone: + 381 63/478-510

e-mail: goran.jovanovic@tagor.rs