International Cooperation


The City of Nis, as a local self-government in the Republic of Serbia, establishes and maintains cooperation with local self-governments in the country and abroad in accordance with the Law on Local Self-Government and the City of Nis Statute. Local self-governments can cooperate with the local self-governments of other countries, within the foreign policy of the Republic of Serbia, with respect to territorial unity and legal order of the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the Constitution and Law. The decision to establish cooperation, or to conclude a cooperation agreement with the local self-government of another state, is passed by the Assembly of the City of Nis, with the consent of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. In addition to cities and municipalities in Serbia, the City of Nis fosters good friendly relations and cooperation with many cities abroad and continuously expands the network of cities with which it cooperates in the fields of economy, tourism, communal activities, arts and culture, youth policies, citizen participation, sustainable development, local public services, local economic development, social inclusion.


In September 2019, the City of Nis signed the Letter of Intent for establishing cooperation with the City of Sliven from Bulgaria within the framework of the United Europe – Security, Solidarity and Stability Project implemented by the City of Sliven together with the City of Bydgoszcz from Poland and the City of Niš from Serbia as part of the Europe for Citizens Program 2018-2020.



In September 2018, the Letter of Intent was signed to strengthen the development of the Information Silk Road between the City of Hangzhou (People’s Republic of China) and the City of Nis. City of Hangzhou and the City of Nis have agreed that it is necessary to advance cooperation in the field of digital economy, and this Letter of Intent is the first step in the realization and further development of cooperation and communication in this sector through promotion and active participation in the joint improvement of the development of the Information Silk Road. Areas of cooperation: e-commerce, smart city management, modern logistics, online tourism, animation, gaming sector.



In June 2018, the Protocol on Cooperation between the Serres Municipality (Greece) and the City of Nis was signed. The subject of the Protocol is to establish partnership and cooperation in the mutual interest, in order to create favorable conditions for improving cooperation in different areas. Areas of cooperation: economy and trade, attracting investments, joint ventures and establishing business cooperation, education, tourism, sport, culture, health, gastronomy, environmental protection.






In November 2017, the Partnership Agreement between the City of Nis, the City of Arles and the Council of the Gironde Department was signed. This Agreement was signed on the basis of the decision of the Foreign Affairs Delegation of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development to support the joint project of the City of Arles, the Council of Gironde and the City of Nis entitled “Strengthening Public Services in Nis (Serbia) for Development Based on the Valorization of Historical and Territorial Heritage “.



The Agreement on Cooperation between the cities of Nis and Kaluga (Russian Federation) was signed in August 2017. The agreement implies the establishment of direct contacts between local authorities and non-profit organizations in the territory of the two cities. Areas of cooperation: economy and industry, agriculture, trade, science and technology, culture, art, youth policy, sport and tourism, investment development and innovative activities.


In June 2014, the Cooperation Agreement was signed between the City of Nis and the City of Belgorod (Russian Federation). Prior to the signing of the Agreement there was active cooperation between the Clinical Center of Nis and the Belgorod District Hospital as well as between the medical faculties and universities of two cities. Areas of cooperation: housing and communal services, urban planning, local economic development, industry and technology, culture, education, information systems, tourism, sport.



In July 2015, the Agreement on Establishing Twinning Connections between the City of Nis and the City of Vitebsk (Republic of Belarus) was signed. The agreement implies mutual assistance in establishing economic relations in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Belarus, as well as in establishing direct links between institutions of science, culture, health and education, ecology, sports and tourism, in the sphere of preparation and additional training of personnel, cultural organizations and institutions. Areas of cooperation : economy, industry, trade, environmental protection, tourism and recreation, culture, humanitarian work, education, sports, entrepreneurship, information technology, utility activities.


The Protocol on Twinning and Establishing Cooperation between the City of Nis and the City of Aarhus was signed in 2009 and it implied institutional support through the engagement of the staff of the City of Aarhus in the organizational units of the City of Nis. Areas of cooperation: economic development, project management, European integration, employment.



The City of Nis and the City of Vaxjo (Kingdom of Sweden) signed a Letter of Intent in March 2009. The co-operation was initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Sweden during the implementation of the Agreement on the Provision of Consultancy Services for the Development of the Financially Acceptable Feasibility Study for Environmental and Technical Improvement of the Nis Airport Constantine the Great and for Wastewater Treatment Plant for the City of Nis with the support and cooperation by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Areas of cooperation: energy efficiency, environmental protection.


The Agreement on Cooperation between the City of Nis and the City of Kursk was signed in September 2009, with which the long-standing friendly relations between the two cities finally got their legal form. The friendly relations between Nis and Kursk date back to 1920, when the Kurskoye Korenaya icon of the Mother of God was kept in Nis. In the meantime, these relationships have been interrupted by numerous wars, but further cooperation emerged from that connection. Areas of cooperation: economic relations, cooperation in the field of industry, small and medium business, science, culture, tourism and other fields.



In 2002, the cooperation with the Municipality of Saltdal (Kingdom of Norway) was renewed by the signing of the Letter of Intent. Cooperation started in 1986, but it was interrupted by wars and sanctions. The roots of this friendship date from the Second World War when the war prisoners from the various camps throughout Yugoslavia: Sajmiste, Banjica, Jasenovac, Nis, Gradiska, Sabac and other places of detention, were sent to Norway’s camps. Areas of cooperation: – education, economy, youth policy, culture, sport.



In March 2001, the Agreement on Cooperation between the City of Kosice (Republic of Slovakia) and the City of Nis was signed. Areas of cooperation – city administration, culture, economy, tourism, environmental protection, sport. The City of Nis and the City of Kosice have collaborated most in the field of culture, through various presentations of artistic, musical and film artistic creativity. Since 2009, cooperation on the economic plan has been intensified, primarily through the organization of presentations of the economic and investment potential of the City of Nis to Slovak businessmen and vice versa. This cooperation was supported and facilitated by the existence of the Honorary Consulate of Serbia in Kosice and the Honorary Consulate of Slovakia in Nis. Since the establishment of the cooperation more than 1000 people from Nis have visited Kosice and participated in various forms of cooperation and most of them were passengers of Balkan Express Bus, which for 16 years, without exception, travels from Nis to Kosice at the time of TV Festival Golden Beggar.



The Agreement on Twinning between the Municipality of Glyfada (Republic of Greece) and the City of Nis was signed in November 1999. Areas of cooperation: education, health, social protection, sport, culture, humanitarian assistance.




The decision to establish cooperation with the city of Beersheba from Israel was adopted by the Nis Municipal Assembly in June, 1990. Areas of cooperation: economy, tourism, communal activities, culture, education, sport.



The decision to establish cooperation with the city of Beersheba from Israel was adopted by the Nis Municipal Assembly in June, 1990. Areas of cooperation: economy, tourism, communal activities, culture, education, sport.