• The City of Nis accepted the participation in the project TOMORROW, which is realized within the partnership led by the Energy Cities Association, financed by the European Union within the HORIZON 2020 Programme (H2020 framework LC-SC3-EE-16-2018-2019 -2020, Providing Support to Public Authorities in the Implementation of the Energy Union), while the Contracting Authority is the European Commission. The overall objective of the TOMORROW project is to empower local authorities to lead the transition to cities with low greenhouse gas emissions, which are more resistant to climate change and generally more pleasant for the lives of citizens by engaging citizens and stakeholders in development of the Energy Transition Road Map by 2050. The specific objectives of the project are: development of local “Energy Transit Road Map by 2050” for pilot cities, as ambitious and efficient tools for launching the process of decarbonisation and sustainability and launching their implementation; developing an innovative engagement process for developing road maps in pilot cities and continuing to encourage the engagement of a larger number of stakeholders and citizens; promoting road maps among EU cities as a new, efficient and collaborative approach to governance in order to make cities more suitable for life; training public officials to develop the role of leaders in transition and to improve their capacity to engage citizens, in particular through peer to peer approach; making recommendations in order to improve the legal, financial and socio-economic environment at the EU and national level. The leader in the project is Energy Cities, the scientific partner of the project is the Dutch Research Institute for Transition – DRIFT, and the partners are the cities of Brest (France), Dublin (Ireland), Brasov (Romania), Valencia (Spain), Mouscron (Belgium) and Nis (Serbia). Project implementation time is 36 months. The total value of the project is 1,499,767.50 euros, and the project is fully funded by the European Union. The value of the project for the City of Nis is 79,198.75 euros.



  • With the support of the Institute of Cervantes and the Embassy of Spain in Serbia the exhibition of graphics by Salvador Dali entitled Dali and the Magic of Illustration was held at the Pavilion in the Nis Fortress.



  • The City of Nis Assembly, in cooperation with the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and the Nis City Lawyers’ Bar introduces the provision of free legal aid to all citizens with a social card and to all those whose human rights have been violated.


  • The City of Barcelona donated seven used buses intended for transport of the pupils to schools.



  • The City of Barcelona provided to the City of Nis the assistance consisting of seven buses, two fire trucks, one ambulance, medicines and medical supplies.


  • The delegation from the National Museum from Barcelona visited the City of Nis, whose representatives expressed their readiness to establish cooperation with the National Museum of Nis in the field of archaeological research in the Balkans.