Deputy Mayor




Mrs. Davidović is a defectologist by profession. She completed her studies at the Faculty of Defectology in Belgrade, majoring in Disorders and Vision Correction. In the eighties she worked at the Bubanj Special School in Nis, and then at the Nis Health Care Center. Then she became a private entrepreneur.

As a member of the Nis City Council in the period 2008-2012 she secured the donations for two kindergartens in the rural area, a donation from the Karadjordjevic Royal Family and the British Royal Family.

Without a single dinar from the city budget, thanks to excellent cooperation with the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Labor and numerous donors, she managed to open the first Regional Safe House in Nis for women and children victims of domestic violence in Niš. With a team of associates, she contributed to the opening of the Regional Center for Family Accommodation and Adoption, the third of its kind in Serbia.

Thanks to her engagement in social care sector and the project she authored the Congress of the Council of Europe awarded the City of Nis in 2011 with the European Award for Excellence for the project City for Children within the Network of European Cities Tailored to Children.

In 2010 in Strasbourg, she was appointed by the Council of Europe as rapporteur on the document on the prevention of the most severe forms of violence against children.

Last year, in Strasbourg, by personal engagement and submission of amendments, she managed to delete the disputable part of the text of the document of the Council of Europe Congress on Internally Displaced and Refugees in Europe on the alleged violation of human rights of displaced persons in Serbia. This prevented the attempt of some European institutions to falsely show violation of human rights on the territory of our country.

Dušica Davidovis is married, the mother of two sons and a grandmother of a granddaughter.