Meetings with Ambassadors and Joint Activities


Meetings with Ambassadors and Joint Activities



During 2019 Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatović met with:


  • General Consul of Bulgaria in Serbia Mr. Edwin Sugarev. This was the farewell visit by Mr. Sugarev. On this occasion the Mayor expressed his gratitude for successful and close cooperation during the four years of his term of office in Nis.During the meeting both sides emphasized the importance of very good bilateral relations between Serbia and Bulgaria, further improvement of economic and cultural cooperation, as well as resolving minority issues.
  • Ambassador of Tunisia in Serbia Mr. Seyf Allah Rejeb. The meeting was dedicated to establishing cooperation between the City of Nis and the City of Biserta, Republic of Tunisia. This initiative is an expression of the sincere friendship of the two nations made a century ago by the events of World War I, an expression of solidarity, respect, understanding and compassion between Tunisia and Serbia. It is the embodiment of a “culture of memory” related to the stay of the Serbian army of three and a half years in Bizerta and North Africa, the deep connection of the Serbian people to the people of Tunisia, who cared for, treated and nurtured the Serb soldiers who suffered greatly during the withdrawal through Albania and thus, the alliance and friendship of our ancestors began in the most direct way possible. Bizerte is the home of one of the largest Serbian military cemeteries in North Africa, eternal home to 698 Serbian soldiers, many of whom belonged to the First Regiment of the Nis Reserve Troops. Establishing direct partnership and cooperation between the cities of Bizerte and Nis is in the mutual interest of our communities, in order to create favorable conditions for enhancing cooperation in various contents.
  • French Ambassador Jean-Louis Falconi at Nis City Hall to discuss the potential cooperation projects. Тhe topics discussed were archaeological sites in Niš, Waste Water Treatment Plant, the opening of a Science and Technology Park, the cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises of the two countries.
  • new US Ambassador to Serbia Anthony Godfrey. The Mayor informed Ambassador Godfrey about the potential of Niš in the economic, educational and cultural segments, and especially about the efforts of the local government in cooperation with the Government and the President of Serbia to make Niš a better place for living and doing business especially in terms of attracting new investors, both when it comes to large infrastructure projects, such as a wastewater treatment plant, and when it comes to organizing and improving the work of local government institutions essential for the functioning of the economy.
  • the Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Ambassador Sam Fabrizi on the occasion of presenting certificates for the implementation of 19 projects that would improve GIS in 34 local self – governments in Nis. The European Union supported the acquisition of software and hardware and other computer equipment through the EU PRO program with 1.7 million euros, which would help local-governments create the preconditions for sustainable development.
  • new Ambassador of France to Serbia Mr. Jean Louis Falconi on the occasion of the Ambassador’s visit to Nis. During the discussions the special emphasis was put on the realization of the project of archeological research of the city field and Nis Fortress, which included experts from France, more specifically from the city of Arles, which has been cooperating with Nis for several years.
  • The ambassadors from the so-called Arab Group – Ambassador of Palestine Mr. Mohammed Nabhan, Ambassador of Algeria Mr. Abdelhamid Chebchoub, Egyptian Ambassador Mr. Mohamed Aljowaily, Ambassador of Kuwait Mr. Yousef Abdulsamad, Ambassador of Morocco Mohammed Belhaj, Ambassador of Tunisia Mr. Seyf Rejeb, the Charge d’ Affairs of the Embassy of Libya, Mr. Mounir Abougharin, the Ambassador of Iraq Fakhri Hassan Mahdi Al-Issa. The presentations of the city and economic potential were held on this occasion.
  • Ambassador of Denmark Andreas Hougard on the occasion of the third anniversary of Danish company Better Collective operating in Niš and discussed the possibilities of cooperation of IT companies from Nis and Denmark.


  • Finnish ambassador in Serbia Mr. Kimo Lahdevirta. The two officials discussed the possibilities of Finnish companies investing in IT sector in this area and improving cooperation in other areas with this Scandinavian country.They also discussed about the priorities of the Finland chairing the EU Council in the second half of 2019.
  • Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden in Serbia Mr. Jan Lundin and on this occasion the two officials discussed promoting co-operation and developing bilateral relations. The cooperation so far has been excellent, especially in the field of culture and environment, which is especially true of the project of preparing the tender and technical documentation for the construction of the Waste Water Treatment Plant, which has been supported by Sweden through Sida. The two officials also stressed the importance of maintaining 3 airline routes from Nis to cities in Sweden, Stockholm and Malmo and recently Gothenburg. It was also estimated that the improvement of air traffic, as well as all other types of traffic, significantly increased the capacities of Nis and this part of Serbia in attracting new investors from this friendly country, which, as agreed, would be the focus of future cooperation between Nis and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in Serbia.
  • Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Serbia, Mr. Mochammad Chandra Widya Yudha. The Mayor welcomed the Indonesian ambassador and expressed his satisfaction with his first official visit to the City of Nis. He announced a new working meeting between the business delegations from Nis and Indonesia and possible concrete forms of cooperation.
  • Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Belgrade Tanju Bilgic, before the match between Turkey and Slovenia in the European Basketball Championship for women which was held in Nis. The meeting assessed that there was a steady progress in relations between Turkey and Serbia, thanks largely to the excellent relations between the two presidents, which was reflected in the growth of foreign trade, as well as the growing influx of investors from Turkey to Serbia. It was also estimated that, in the year when 140 years of establishing diplomatic relations between Serbia and Turkey are celebrated, it is important to develop good relations in all other spheres, from culture, science and education to sport.
  • Аmbassador of Cuba in Serbia Mr. Gustavo Trista del Todo. At the meeting, the Mayor and the Ambassador discussed new forms of exchange in the field of education, medicine, culture and economy through activities that Nis would have in the future, as the largest city in the South of Serbia and one of the centers of this part of the Balkans.
  • Ambassador of Slovenia to Serbia, Mr. Iztok Jarc. Тhe two officials discussed economic, industrial and sports cooperation between the City of Nis and Slovenia. Ambassador Jarc said, adding that he was especially looking forward to introduction of direct flights between Ljubljana and Nis, which should start from July 1st this year. Slovenia’s investments in Serbia are quite large, so about 25 000 of our citizens are employed in Slovenian companies operating in our country.
  • Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Serbia Mr. Kun Adam and talked about the possibilities for improving cooperation in areas of culture, language, education and economy.
  • Ambassador of Sweden Mr. Jan Lundin on the occasion of visit of the Governing Board of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) which supported the project of the preparation of the conceptual design and the tender documents for the waste water treatment plant and collectors in Nis within the Swedish PEID project (Priority Environmental Infrastructure for Development).
  • Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Belgrade Mr. Amr Aljowaily, with whom he discussed possibilities for improving cooperation, primarily in the field of tourism and improvement of the tourist offer of Nis.
  • Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Serbia Mr. Denis Keefe, who was on a two-day visit to Nis within the British PopUp Embassy Project organized for the first time in our city.
  • Ambassador of Norway to Serbia Mr. Arne Sannes Bjornstad and on this occasion the readiness of the Norwegian Embassy, ​​and the Norwegian Government in general, to support all initiatives that are aimed at improving relations, both through support and assistance to theater and music ensembles, festivals, art galleries and museum and other cultural institutions to present  themselves to the Norwegian audience, but also willingness to participate in organizing the arrival and presentation of Norwegian cultural workers in Nis was pointed out.
  • Ambassador of Romania to Belgrade, Ms. Oana Kristina Popa, and the two officials discussed the support of Romania to Serbia during the presidency of Romania over the European Council.
  • Ambassador of Republic of Korea Mr. Hyoung –chan Choe with whom the discussion were led about the improving of the cooperation between the city and the management of South Korean companies operating in Nis.




During 2018, Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatović met with:

  • Cultural Attaché and first adviser to the Embassy of the Russian Federation Mr. Alexander Nikolaevich Konanihin on the occasion of the discovery of a memorial plaque at the Nis airport in memory of the 10th anniversary of the removal of the cluster bombs from the surrounding of Nis airport. The government of the Russian Federation then approved demining of the Nis airport and supported it with six million dollars.
  • Ambassador of Germany to Serbia Mr. Thomas Schieb and they discussed the cooperation in the field of economy and culture between the city and one of the most developed countries in Europe. At present, there are 400 German companies operating in Serbia, and this country is leading by number of investors with a constant trend of improvement of cooperation. A direct occasion for the visit of the Ambassador was the formal opening of the Department of German Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy.
  • Newly appointed Ambassador of India to Belgrade Mr. Subrata Bhattacharjee to discuss the potential economic cooperation.
  • First Secretary of the Swedish Embassy in Serbia, Ida Reuterswärd, the Head of the Environmental Protection Program of the Department for International Development Assistance from Sweden to Serbia, and they discussed progress on the project for the preparation of technical documentation for the implementation of the collection and treatment of wastewater in Nis, implemented under the Priority Environmental Infrastructure for Development Project Program (PEID) supported by the Government of Sweden through the Swedish Agency for International Development and Cooperation.
  • Danish Ambassador to Serbia Mr. Anders Hougaard and they discussed the investments of Danish companies in Nis. The meeting was also attended by the management of the Danish company Better Collective, which operates in the field of software technology, for two years in Nis.
  • US Ambassador to Serbia Mr. Kyle Scott. At the meeting, the good cooperation between the local self-government and the United States Embassy was noted, especially in the field of civil sector development and the expansion of economic, cultural and scientific cooperation. The direct reason for the arrival of the Ambassador of Scott to Nis was a donation to the Children’s Hematology Clinic in Nis.
  • Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Li Manchang. The topic of the discussion was the possible cooperation between the City of Nis and Chinese companies in the implementation of infrastructure projects in Nis and the region, as well as realization of potential investments of Chinese companies in the new production capacities in Nis.
  • French Ambassador to Serbia Mr. Frederik Mondoloni at the opening of the exhibition entitled Our History, Our Memory dedicated to remembering the liberation of Serbia in the autumn of 1918 and the solidarity of Serbian and French soldiers and civilians in World War I. Mayor Bulatovic and Ambassador Mondolini participated in a forum on the topic of Serbian-French relations and long-standing friendship of two nation on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the French Institute in Nis.
  • Deputy Head of Mission of the Swedish Embassy in Belgrade Mr. Joachim Waern to mark the European Mobility Week in Nis and promote measures to reduce the use of passenger cars and improve the conditions for public transport, the movement of cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Ambassador of Japan to Serbia Mr. Junichi Maruyama, on the occasion of the beginning of the celebration of the Japanese Culture Week in Nis. The Japanese government cooperates with local communities in Serbia through a grant scheme. What is particularly important to Japan as a country that is often confronted with natural disasters is to develop cooperation between the two countries and share knowledge on the prevention of natural disasters and recovery after that.
  • Austrian Ambassador to Serbia Mr. Nikolaus Luterotti at the opening of the Austrian Company Zumtobel in Nis. This visit came after two months after the first official visit of Ambassador Luterotti to Nis and the meeting with Mayor Bulatovic when the importance of Austrian diplomacy to the process of Serbia’s accession to the European Union, and especially during its EU presidency, was highlighted.
  • Ambassador of Egypt Mr. Amr Alguveili and the occasion of the round table on cooperation between businessmen from Nis and Egypt, held in the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Nis. A month before the Egyptian Ambassador paid his first official visit to the City of Nis on the occasion of the performance of the Cairo Opera Ballet Ensemble at the official Nisville Jazz Theater program. The performance was the part of the Egyptian Culture Month program on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Egypt and Serbia.
  • Swedish Ambassador to Serbia Mr. Jan Lundin. The two officials discussed the cooperation between the two countries, and especially about the projects in Nis assisted by Sweden.
  • Ambassador of Hungary to Serbia Mr. Attila Pinter during the Serbian – Hungarian Forum on Water Management, attended by the businessmen of the two countries operating in this area.
  • Ambassador of Belarus to Serbia Mr. Valeriy Brilov, and at that occasion the presentation of the economic potentials of the City of Nis was held and the opportunities on cooperation in numerous fields were discussed. Head of the EU Delegation in Serbia, Mr. Sem Fabrizi, who was presented the projects and investments that have been being implemented in Nis, and a special emphasis was placed on infrastructure projects, to those in which the European Union is financially involved.


During 2017 Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and his associates met with:

  • Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in Serbia Ms. Vera Jovanovski, who was in Nis on the occasion of marking the anniversary of the Nis Association of Macedonians. The Mayor and Ambassador discussed improving co-operation in the fields of education, information technology, culture and health.
  • Ambassador of the Sovereign Maltese Order in Serbia, Mr. Albert Di Luca and Ambassador of Taiwan to Hungary, Mr. Endriem Chang. The immediate reason for the arrival of the ambassadors was the help with the medical treatments that the Sovereign Maltese Order provided to young girl from Nis who sent a request for assistance via official website of the Embassy.
  • Swedish Ambassador Mr. Jan Lundin on the occasion of marking the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Sweden and the official celebration held in Nis. Previous meeting was held at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection and the City of Nis, which marked the beginning of the preparation of technical documentation for the implementation of the Wastewater Collection and Treatment Project in Nis, financed by the Swedish Government through the Swedish International Development Agency and cooperation – Sida, and within the framework of the program “Support to the Development of Infrastructure in the field of Environmental Protection” (PEID).
  • Ambassador of Argentina to Serbia Mr. Ricardo Fernandes, who was in Nis on the occasion of the opening of the Festival Argentine Film Days. The discussion was focused on the cooperation of the two countries in economy as well as on the rich South American culture and Argentina as one of leaders in cultural development particularly in film industry.
  • Swiss Ambassador to Serbia Mr. Philippe Guex during the presentation of the Caravan of Dance Project in Nis. The project was sponsored by Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and the project is realized by the National Foundation for Art and the Belgrade Festival of Dance, supported by the Art Mentor Foundation in Lucerne and the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government.
  • Ambassador of Australia to Serbia Ms. Julia Feeney who was in Nis for Nisville Jazz Festival and the performance by the Australian group Visions of a Nomad whose participation in the festival was supported by the Australian Embassy in Serbia.
  • Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Serbia Mr. Alexander Vasilevich Chepurin, with whom they discussed continuing and fostering traditionally good friendly relations with the Russian people, as well as cooperation of the City of Nis and the Russian City of Kaluga.
  • Ambassador of India to Serbia Ms. Narinder Chauhan at the reception for investors from India who became owners of Blok Signal Company. Another opportunity to meet was the presentation of the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Program for citizens of the Republic of Serbia in Nis, realized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of India in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration of the Republic of Serbia.
  • Ambassador of Turkey to Serbia Mr. Tanju Bilgic. The meeting was focused on modalities of future cooperation between the City of Nis and the Turkish Embassy in Serbia both in the field of economy and in the field of culture.
  • Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria Dr. Michael Linhart at the opening of the Honorary Consulate of Austria in Nis. Although the headquarters of the consulate in Nis, it will cover Nisavski, Zajecarski, Pirotski, Toplicki, Jablanicki and Pcinjski districts.
  • Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway Mr. Arne Sannes Bjornstad, who stayed with the representatives of the Nordic Business Alliance in Nis. This meeting was an opportunity to consider possibilities for developing economic cooperation.
  • Ambassador of Finland to Serbia Mr. Pertti Ikonen. The Mayor and the Ambassador talked about the possibilities of the economic cooperation primarily between the City of Nis and Finnish cities and the possibilities for certain Finnish companies to invest in Nis. Then the Mayor and Ambassador planted five new birch trees in honor of the jubilee of Finland, the centenary of gaining independence.
  • Japanese Ambassador in Serbia Mr. Juichi Takahara. The Mayor presented projects with which the city intends to apply for funds from the Embassy of Japan in our country. He thanked the Ambassador for the generous help that the Japanese people and the Government of Japan provided to the citizens of Nis and Nis institutions, primarily in medical equipment.
  • Ambassador of Germany in Serbia Mr. Axel Dittman on the occasion of breaking ground for the first factory of the German company Leoni in Nis. This is an investment worth 22 million euros.


Since the beginning of his term of the office Nis City Mayor Darko B ulatovic met with:

  • US Ambassador to Serbia Mr. Kyle Scott and discussed the improvement of cooperation between the City of Nis and US representatives in our country.
  • Ambassador of Austria to the Republic of Serbia Mr. Johannes Eigner, with whom the improvement of economic as well as cooperation in the field of education and culture was discusses. At the meeting it was announced that the Republic of Austria would open its first honorary consulate in Serbia in 2017, in Nis.
  • Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Serbia Mr. Tomasz Niegodzisz. The two officials discussed the cooperation in the field of economy, culture and education, and it was agreed that business and economic forum should be organized for interested investors from Poland.
  • Ambassador of the Republic of France to Serbia Ms. Christine Moro at the signing of the Letter of Intent between the French cities Arles and Gironde and the City of Nis on cooperation in the field of cultural and historical heritage.
  • Ambassador of Macedonia Ms. Vera Jovanovska and discussed the cooperation that should be focused on culture, students exchange, tourism, but also on education and economy.
  • Charge d’Affaires of the Kingdom of Denmark in Serbia Mr. Morten Skovgaard Hansen and the representatives of the Danish energy company interested in investing in the area of ​​the City of Nis. The topic of the meeting was further investments of Danish companies in the south of Serbia.
  • Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Nis Mr. Edvin Sugarev and discussed the improvement of cross-border cooperation, which has been reflected in joint projects financed by the European Union.
  • Ambassador of the Republic of Slovakia to Serbia Ms. Dagmar Repchekova and discussed the possibilities for economic cooperation.
  • Ambassador of Germany in Serbia Mr. Axel Dittman on the occasion of the signing of an agreement on incentives between the German company Leoni and the RS Ministry of Economy for the construction of a new factory in Leoni in Nis.