• Firefighters who were fighting against the fires in Greece this summer will be able to stay with their families for free next year in the cities of the Volvvi region (Greece), with which the City of Niš and the Nišava District have had excellent cooperation for the last three years. The Volvi Region has sent an official invitation via City of Niš Mayor Dragana Sotirovski for firefighters and their families to stay in their seaside resorts for free in 2022. Niš City Mayor thanked the Greek brothers for their noble gesture in which they expressed their gratitude to our firefighters who participated in extinguishing the fires in their country. She forwarded the information about the invitation to the Sector for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.



  • The Mayor of Greek Municipality Serres Mr. Petros Agelidis together with his associates visited Nis on the occasion of the celebration of the Days of the Holy Emperor Constantine and Empress Helen – the holy patrons of the City of Nis. At the time of the city festivities and after the Protocol on Twinning between the City of Nis and the City of Serres was verified in Nis, in front of the city councilors and city officials, who voted in the city parliament to formalize the relations between two cities.
  • The delegation of the City of Nis, led by Mayor Dark Bulatovic, visited the City of Serres in Northern Greece on the occasion of signing the Twinning Protocol. The Protocol was signed by the mayors of two cities Darko Bulatovic and Petros Agelidis. The friendly relations between our peoples and states, above all, as well as history and everything that connected us through history gave us the right and the reason to sign the twinning protocol, which created the conditions for further progress of good relations and the cooperation. Cooperation in the mentioned areas will be done through: exchange of available information between the parties on issues of common interest, realization of joint consultations and visits, organization of missions and workshops for business and investments, as well as through exchange of information for joint implementation of investment programs; examining opportunities for joint participation in EU-funded development programs, joint actions undertaken by authorized officials, associations and other professionals representing both local governments; supporting the establishment of joint ventures and their further development in the two local governments, facilitating exchanges between delegations aimed at studying the educational and scientific systems, improving professional skills and organizing joint training; facilitating student exchange, sharing scientific knowledge, methodology, organizing scientific lectures, seminars and competitions; contribution to the development of tourism and the implementation of certain joint activities in the field of tourism; facilitating the exchange of cultural delegations, undertaking joint actions in the field of culture, as well as organizing festivals with the participation of artists from both sides; contribution to the development of a partnership in the field of sport, the exchange of delegations in the field of sport, and the organization and implementation of various sporting events.
  • In the presence of numerous guests, city officials and the representatives of other institutions and a large number of media, a unique presentation of food and wine from the ancient Atos monastery was held. The gala dinner was organized as the event showing appreciation for helping to restore the Hilandar Monastery after the fire 14 years ago, and the cooking skills according to ancient recipes of old Hilandar Monastery, adapted to modern times, were shown by chef Kasioras Marios and the main chef at the Hilandar Monastery.


  • Within the Europe for Citizens Program, the City of Nis with the Association of Municipalities of Athens and Piraeus for the Environment (PE.SY.D.A.P.) implements the ELAIN project (Inter-Balkan Network of Ecological Local Authorities). Other partners are Novi Sad-Serbia, East Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Bijeljina-Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tirana-Albania, Sofia-Bulgaria, Zagreb, Osijek and Rijeka-Croatia, Bucharest-Romania and Maribor – Slovenia. The project envisages more local and international meetings of the representatives of partner cities to address environmental issues and to exchange experience and good practice in the field of environmental protection. It is the obligation of the City of Nis to organize meetings at the local level and to participate in international meetings. The City of Nis will organize three meetings at the local level, which will be attended by local stakeholders, representatives of the city administration responsible for environmental protection, representatives of NGOs and volunteer groups of citizens. The results achieved at the meetings, which will focus on environmental issues in the city, will be presented at international meetings to be held in Tirana, Bijeljina and Athens. Another obligation of the city is the presence of its representatives at international meetings of project participants. The purpose of these meetings is to identify common issues, share experiences and good practices in the environmental field of partner cities.


  • The City of Nis participated in the Thessaloniki 2011 Business Forum. The Business Forum was held within the framework of the visit of the Serbian State-Economic Delegation to Greece and the National Exhibition of the Serbian Economy at the 76th Thessaloniki International General Fair, attended by the representatives of more than 40 companies, institutes and chambers of commerce from Serbia.


  • The Office for European Affairs of Nis City Mayor’s Office organized the photo exhibition about the New Acropolis Museum at the EU Info Corner. The exhibition was organized in cooperation with the Hellenic Fund for Culture from Belgrade.