• The Israeli Agency for International Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel funded tuition fees for international training on – Policy, Strategies and Support Systems for Rural Revitalization in collaboration with USAID Serbia’s Sustainable Local Development Project. Out of 90 applicants, 30 candidates were selected, including 3 representatives from inter-municipal partnerships led by Subotica, Novi Pazar and Nis, supported by the USAID Sustainable Local Development Project. The international training was held at the WEITZ Center for Development Studies – which is a leading institution dedicated to capacity building in the function of local development. The focus of the training was on empowering participants to understand the ways and means of revitalizing rural areas from a social and economic point of view. The training participants were presented with: national and regional policies that support the revitalization of rural communities; economic development and diversification of economy in arable areas; the role of agriculture in rural revitalization; integrated concern for local development; partnerships, financial and organizational tools of rural revitalization.


  • The City of Nis helped the veterans of the 63rd Parachute Brigade of the Serbian Armed Forces to travel to Israel and participate in the Leap of Freedom 2009 event. The mutual visit and cooperation was agreed with Israeli colleagues, which would begin the following year at the Balkan Friendship Jump event in 2010. The delegation also visited Beersheba, the twin city of Nis and met with the representatives of the city.

  • The City of Nis has very good cooperation with the Embassy of Israel in Belgrade. The Israeli Embassy showed special interest in opening of the Jewish Community Office in Nis and to the project of relocating Roma from the sites of the former Jewish cemetery.


  • The Protocol on Twinning was signed with City of Beersheba.