The meeting of the Board for the implementation of the Project Wastewater Collection and Treatment in Nis, i.e. the construction of WWTP was held at Nis City Hall. The meeting was chaired by Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic, in the capacity of the Board president, and it was attended by the representatives of the Nis City and Office for Local Economic Development and Projects, Ministry of Environment, the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia, the Swedish organization Sida, as well as representatives of the Spanish consulting agency EPTISA, in charge of implementing the project selected by the Government of Sweden, which finances this project. The representatives of the OLEDP in charge of the implementation of this extensive and important work, informed the participants at the meeting about the results so far and the current dynamics by which the planned activities were realized. Most importantly, it was emphasized that the expropriation of the land was carried out without difficulty and according to the planned dynamics, as well as obtaining necessary opinions and consent of the competent authorities and institutions. Also, great progress was made in the construction of the canal network and collectors in all parts of the city, as well as obtaining the missing urban documentation. Representatives of the Delegation of the European Union expressed their satisfaction with the implementation progress of one of the most important and largest infrastructure and ecological projects in Serbia, and praised the excellent cooperation with all the City of Nis offices and administration departments as well as with the competent state institutions that recognized the importance of this project, and fully contributed to its realization in the foreseen deadline. Nis City Mayor Bulatovic pointed out that he was satisfied with what had been already done and with the fact that no problems were identified that would possibly endanger or slow down the realization of this project which was of utmost significance for Nis. He said that the City of Nis was absolutely committed to respect all deadlines and timeframe expressing optimism that this project would be successfully realized within the planned deadline.

Niš Wastewater Collection and Treatment Project has been identified as the priority wastewater collection and treatment project for financing. Its implementation, including preparatory and design phases, tendering, construction and supervision activities, shall contribute to building up the capacity and capability of local authorities and central institutions. This will help comply with required EU regulations. PEID shall prepare the technical documentation for the priority project in accordance with Serbian legislation. Documentation shall be appropriate for both EU IPA grant funding and IFI credits. Specific activities and outputs for the project in Niš include the construction of the main conveyance system to the WWTP site (primary, main collectors, pumping stations as necessary), as well as construction of the WWTP for the Niš urban agglomeration and treatment of the wastewater from water treatment plant Mediana. The priority project is viewed as the minimum level of investment required in order to first convey the relevant flows to the WWTP site, and also provide adequate wastewater treatment for the urban area. The PEID shall make efforts in providing technical assistance to relevant parties in order to make the implementation process effective and user-friendly. In this way PEID shall contribute to meet objectives of compliance in the environment sector.


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