Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic met with the representatives of the Association of cooks of the Mt. Athos Hilandar Monastery on the occasion of announcing the promotion of food, well-kept Hilandar recipes and wine, scheduled for December this year in Nis. The organizer of this unique event, which is held for the first time in our country, is the Nis Media Research Center in cooperation with the Tourist Organization of Nis. Welcoming the distinguished guests, Mayor Bulatovic thanked for the honor that the City of Nis would have in being the first city in Serbia to present the well-guarded secrets of the Mt. Athos monastery and to take advantage of this event for the promotion of Nis tourist capacities and tourist offer. Bulatovic pointed out that the City was ready to support and help organize this unique event, which, as announced, will be organized in Nis and after that in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The Delegation from Greece, consisting of the commercial manager of the Hilandar Monastery, Zacharias Panagiotis, the chief cook of the Hilandar Monastery Christos Gremos and the chef Casioras Marios conveyed the warm greetings from the Hilandar Monastery Prior Archimandrite Methodius and thanked for the hospitality and readiness to support and assist the presentation and promotion of wine from the monastery cellars and vineyards, as well as the ancient cuisine of Atos and Hilandar. According to Zacharias Panagiotis, in this way, the people of Serbia, who perceive the Hilandar Monastery as one of their greatest sanctities and centuries-old center of spirituality, will have the opportunity to learn some of the long kept secrets, which are not directly related to spirituality and faith, but are the part of its heritage. At the same time, as it has been said, this will be an opportunity for closer connection and cooperation between the Nis and monasteries of Mt. Athos from the aspect of tourism as well as for the promotion of trade in both directions precisely through the promotion and development of gastro-tourism, which started in the spring of this year, when Nis delegation visited Athos and Greek region of Volvi. Beside the Mayor, the meeting was attended by the Nis City Council Member Jelena Mitrovski and the director of the Tourist Organization of Niš Uroš Parlić, as well as the initiator of the whole idea and the director of the Media Research Center Zdravko Stojnic.






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