German company Leoni, which produces optic fibers and cables, today opened a new facility in Nis at which 1,123 workers will be employed. Car cables will be produced here on 20,000 square meters, and around EUR 22 million was invested in the facility. The state helped the opening of the facility through purchase of land for the construction and through subsidies for Leoni. The company plans to employ 2,200 people by the end of the year, together with the workers in Nis. The opening was attended by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who said that the state had done a lot for Nis, which should be the center of that part of the Balkans. Mayor Darko Bulatovic, who also attended the opening, said on this occasion that in addition to Leoni three other new companies IMI , Zumtobel and Johnson Electric will be opened in Nis

by the end of the year, and the total number of new jobs in these companies will be about 7,000 and that meant an increase in budget revenues in the coming years of several hundred million dinars.  The value of Leoni’s investments in Serbia so far amounts to EUR 75 million, and they’ve employed over 6,000 workers in the country. Last year alone, the company realized exports from Serbia in the amount of EUR 145 million and is one the 10 biggest exporters.
Leoni opened its first plant in Serbia in Prokuplje in 2009, its second one in 2014 in Malosiste, Municipality of Doljevac, and then another one last year in Nis. As Clemens Sachs, director of Leoni in Serbia, says, the company has paid a total of EUR 130 million to the state budget in various fees and taxes since it started operating here. With next year’s opening of a plant in Kraljevo, which will have 45,000 m2 and another 20,000 m2 of accompanying features, and at which 4,000 workers will be employed, Leoni will become the biggest employer in Serbia, with over 11,000 employees and 110,000 square meters of production facilities.
Leoni, whose headquarters are in Nuremberg, Germany, has 93 plants in 31 countries.

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