December 6th

The IT sector is the most promising industrial branch in our country, not only for the owners of IT companies but also for the employees. The City of Nis is aware of the fact that proper investment in advanced technologies at all levels is the only real chance for the recovery of our economy and we believe that it is more than necessary to implement this field at all levels of economy, state administration and local self-government and education, said Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic at today’s press conference held at the Nis City Hall. He pointed out that this was actually the main message sent from the recently held Advanced Technology Forum. At the press conference, the results from the Second Advanced Technology Forum were summed up and the conclusions reached by the organizing committee of this Forum were summarized. One of the conclusions is that we are lacking IT experts and that our primary task is to improve non-formal education for working in the field of ICT and other close branches, both through training and re-training programs, as well as through funding training at ICT academies, said the Mayor. He added that the City of Nis would try to promote the idea of education and science in the function of economic development in the following period, which would, as he pointed out, be supported from the highest state level. “The Serbian Government gives full support to the development of the IT sector and encourages domestic ICT companies that are export oriented, in order to create the best possible conditions for forming domestic innovative companies,” the Mayor said. Dragan Jankovic, the Dean of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering pointed out that the idea for organizing the Forum was in fact created by young people in order to find ways and measures to keep them in Nis and Serbia. “The Advanced Technologies Forum is not a matter of a faculty, an educational institution, a mayor or any individual, it is the forum of all Nis. This uniqueness of all actors who participated in the organization brought us results”, said Dean Jankovic.

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