July 24th

The opening of a new Startup Center in Nis planned for September this year will provide the conditions for job creation and the development of innovative entrepreneurship in this city, said Nenad Popovic, Minister of Innovation and Technological Development in the Government of the Republic of Serbia on the occasion of today’s Public Call to Use Services and Networking at the Center for Innovative Youth Entrepreneurship (Startup Center) at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis.

At a media conference at the Nis City Hall Minister Popovic said that the first startup companies will move to this center in September and that their work will be directed to export and to the domestic market. “These are new jobs, which will secure the stay of young talented people in Nis, but this is also a continuation of the tradition of this city as an innovation and technology center,” he said. Popovic pointed out that the Republic of Serbia Government recognized the opening of this innovation center as a great opportunity for employment of young people, the development of IT industry and digital economy in this region. “We see this as a chance that the economy of Nis and this region becomes high-tech again, capable of exporting its products to the world,” Popovic said. He expressed his gratitude to the most deserving people for this project, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic. “The launching of this call and the opening of the center in September represent the direct result of the visit by President Vucicto Nis and his promise that this project will be realized, as well as the result of what Prime Minister Ana Brnabic pointed out when she spoke about innovation and technological development,” concluded  Minister Popovic.

The importance of opening the Startup Center in Nis was also addressed by Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and prof. Dr. Goran Djordjevic, Assistant Mayor for Science and Advanced Technology and Professor at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis.

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