October 15th

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic spoke, in Nis, who wanted to present their problems to the PM directly. Prime Minister Vucic said that some problems could be resolved, some could not. He said that the citizens mostly complained about the difficulties in solving health, housing, economic problems. He added that all those in political offices were actually paid by citizens and that they were obliged to make responsible and honest decisions and that people valued work, diligence and dedication. Vucic announced that the practice of talking with citizens would continue. One of the citizens who talked with the Prime Minister was Marina Adamovic, a woman in wheelchair who has been collecting help for sick people for years in the center of Nis. She asked the prime minister to provide an improvised facility to protect her in winter and from hot weather. More than 1,200 citizens from Nis and the surrounding area have applied to talk with the Prime Minister, and Vucic met with more than 20 of them, mostly with those who have the most difficult problems. The Minister of Labor and Social Care Issues Aleksandar Vulin and Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic were also present at the talks.

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