October 16

The City of Nis won Open Data Publisher Award. This award went to the city as a champion in data opening as well as for outstanding achievements in the area of ​​their publication. The award was presented to the representatives of the city by Mihajlo Jovanovic, the Director of the Office for Information Technology and Electronic Governance of the Government of the Republic of Serbia at the International Smart Cities Festival 2019 held on October 15 at the Bel Expo Center in Belgrade. The City of Nis has been promoted as an example of good practice in the region, which should be followed by other cities and municipalities, as this is a process that is one of the basic prerequisites for creating smart cities. This year’s festival focused on smart decision-making and the use of information technologies and publicly accessible databases in the process of strategic thinking, planning and decision-making, all with the aim of promoting humane, innovative and sustainable urban development as a continuous process for the benefit of the citizens, businesses and local communities. As the largest regional event dedicated to urban transformation, it was attended by more than 500 participants from four continents, 20 different countries and 100 cities with more than 30 world-recognized speakers and government representatives from Germany, Denmark, Finland, Austria, countries in the region and Serbia as well as business representatives, investors, entrepreneurs, but also all those for whom sustainable urban development is a continuous process of great benefit for citizens, businesses and local communities. The festival was organized by the Friedrich Neumann Foundation, Serbian Chamber of Commerce,   Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, the City of Belgrade, Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the organization Palgo Smart, with help of the RS Office of Information Technology and Electronic Administration, the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Government, the Office of the United Nations Development Program and others.


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