October 15th

RS Minister of Youth and Sports Vanja Udovicic, accompanied by Nis City Council Member for Sports Branislav Kacar visited the DELI Center for Creative Activity in Nis, an area that represents an example of good practice in the country and the region as a successful mechanism for employment of young people. For this project, the Ministry of Youth and Sports allocated 2.3 million RSD in 2015, within the Public Invitation for Financing and Co-financing Programs and Projects for Implementation of the Objectives of the National Youth Strategy. DELI Center project in Nis is being implemented by the Organization PROACTIVE. The aim of the project is to hire young people and open new companies through the initial support that DELI Center for Creative Activity provides through the organization of internships and education of practitioners, lectures and open doors of DELI Center as well as study visits of young people from Nis, Prokuplje and Krusevac. This Center allows young people to save and strengthen their business precisely through cost savings, but also to prepare them, through various types of support, for the upcoming challenges of managing it. Minister Udovicic said that we should influence the thinking of young people and give them confidence that they could start their business through the concept that was created here. A large number of young people use DELI space programs, more than 1,000 young people go through various programs and events a month, and there are 12 tenants who have founded their businesses, 3 interns and 4 employees in new companies. “What we did here in Nis with very few resources gave a huge result. At the general level in the world, if 20% of young people get out of these kinds of premises, it is considered a successful concept. Today, we have the situation that 50% of the young people who left DELI, after a year, founded their own companies and hired new young people and thus gave a clear message to young generations that life and future can be based in their villages and that they do not have to think about leaving their hometowns in order to succeed,”said Minister Udovicic.

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