Upon the recommendation of the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Vanja Udovicic, and at the initiative of the City of Nis and Nis Sports Association, Sports Association of Serbia has provided funding to compensate for absence from work for Nenad Filipovic, an athlete from Nis Club Nis Marathon.

Nenad Filipovic qualified for the Olympics in Rio in the discipline of fast walking. Olympic Committee of Serbia fully funded the preparation of all the athletes who ahd qualified; however, Nenad, who works in a private company, had to take unpaid leave in order to prepare for the Olympics so his family remained without basic livelihood during the period of preparation. The respective Minister acted upon the initiative that came from Nis, so the competent institutions will refund the amount that Filipovic would have earned you if he did not have to take the unpaid leave.

“This is really a nice gesture from the Minister of Sports and the new city authorities in Nis. Surely it we will represent an incentive for even greater work. This is my third Olympics and the principle of “third time lucky charm” I expect a good result, but I also expect that, after the Olympics, with the help of people from the city management, I would be able to find the employment in my profession” said Filipovic, who is at his final preparations on Vlasina Lake.

City of Nis and Nis Sports Association are pleased to have been able to help the athlete who has, for years, been representing the City of Nis in the best possible way, convinced that it will be the same at the Olympic Games in Rio.

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