By setting a new traffic lights on the corner of streets Bulevar Medijana and Knjazevacka the modernization of traffic signals in the city began, which would include almost all the important intersections and checkpoints near schools. The replacement of old lanterns, that have, until now, operated via ordinary interior lighting with new LED lighting, provides better visibility of traffic signals but also savings in electricity consumption.

“So far, the operation of traffic lights at this crossroads in terms of electricity consumption cost 15 thousand dinars per month, and now, with the new LED lighting, this amount will be significantly reduced to 2 thousand dinars per month,” said the Mayor Darko Bulatovic. This is very important not only for consumption but also for better security of the traffic participants, as now the visibility of traffic lights during the day is much better.

Funding for the replacement of the traffic lights was provided by the Council for Traffic Safety in the amount of 8 million dinars, while the total value of all the works on modernization of traffic signals is around 15 million dinars.

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