October 17

In September 2017, the National Dance Art Foundation and the Belgrade Dance Festival, with the support of the Art Mentor Foundation of Lucerne and the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government of the Republic of Serbia, started the implementation of the Dance Caravan project. The program covered 15 cities in Serbia, and the reactions of the audience exceeded the expectations of the organizers. That is why the Art Mentor Foundation has supported the second edition of this multidisciplinary project, which aims to bring classical ballet and contemporary dance to all interested participants and visitors through various activities. A total of 10 cities during 2019 and 2020 will host the 2nd Dance Caravan. The Dance Caravan is intended for the education and scholarship of talents. It is a project that involves a whole new audience in ballet and contemporary dance, and at the same time encourages local organizations to develop a production network and to lay the foundations of the creative industries, viewing cultural offerings as valuable tourism potential. Through intensive Dance Caravan programs, the level of interest of the audience, the possibility of further inclusion of talented children in various educational programs, as well as the technical capacities for establishing domestic and foreign guest performances are reviewed. The Dance Caravan program includes exhibitions, film programs, presentations, performances and gala concerts performed by ballet champions and soloists, as well as students of ballet schools from Belgrade and Rome. It brings ballet courses and contemporary dance to all generations, ending with open presentations. For the realization of this project, the National Dance Art Foundation uses a large part of its own resources, from film and photo archives, to the involvement of professionals of different professions, i.e. numerous dancers, choreographers, educators, concert historians, composers, ballet critics, ballet school students… All the programs are free to the audience, and the goal is for the planned activities in each city to gather visitors and participants of all generations. The Dance Caravan will be held in Niš on October 21 at the Army House. The program of the performances in Nis includes – La Vie Parisian performed by young dancers, the students of Italian and Serbian ballet schools, ages 10 to 16. Special guests of this performance are the champions of the Ballet of the National Theater in Belgrade, Ana Pavlovic and Jovan Veselinovic. The costumes are signed by Mima Madžarac and the assistant choreographer is Marija Janković. The program starts at 5pm and a Gala concert is scheduled from 7pm.

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