October 21

A fair of NGOs dealing with youth policy and presentation of youth projects was held in the courtyard of the Officers’ Mess Building in Nis. This event was a good opportunity for youth organizations to present their activities to young people and to attract them to participate in current projects. Local self-government supports young people by supporting the work of youth associations, which is why such fairs are organized in order to achieve the highest possible level of connection between youth and associations and thus young people with local self-government. All youth associations, which received funds for the implementation of projects from the City of Niš by the Public Competition for the Financing and Co-financing of Youth Projects in 2019, announced their project activities and informed all visitors about their contents. The fair was opened by the member of Nis City Council for youth and sports, Branislav Kacar, and Assistant Mayor of the City of Nis, Marina Kostic. Visitors of the fair, as well as the representatives of fifteen associations, had the opportunity to discuss with the councilor in charge all problems with which they are faces in practice and to offer their suggestions for some new solutions and directions in which the youth sector in the City should develop in the future. The Youth Associations Fair is the final event in celebration of the European Local Democracy Week (ELDW) organized by the City of Nis Mayor’s Office and the Youth Office of the Secretariat for Youth and Sport. Since the right of citizens to participate in the conduct of public affairs at local level is enshrined in the preamble of the European Charter of Local Self-Government of 1985, and detailed in its Additional Protocol of  2009,  it  is  fundamental  for  an  established  and  functioning  local democracy  to  promote  education  for  democratic  citizenship  among young people and children. Moreover,  by   engaging  children  and  youth,  local  authorities  will understand  better  their  needs  and  will  be  able  to  develop  more targeted responses for and with the younger generation, thus building a  more inclusive  democratic  local  community.

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