September 16


A new cycle of information campaigns within the support for employment and self-employment provided by Help’s project “Supporting Socio-Economic Stability in the Western Balkans 2019-2020”. The first in a series of presentations was attended by Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic, Help’s Manager for Economic Development Masa Bubanj and Chief of the Office for Local Economic Development and Projects Milan Randjelovic. Based on the new project for providing support in equipment, all young, unemployed with a sustainable business idea that will provide a regular source of income for themselves and their families can compete.Priority is given to crafts and services and processing in agriculture. The new project cycle brings the opportunity to support at least 30 new micro and small businesses with grants in equipment with an average value of € 2,400.00, with regular business and professional training to increase the sustainability of business activities. The cost of direct costs for equipment to be supported in Nis under this project is € 72,000.00, with the City’s participation of 40%. In cooperation with the City, Help has so far supported 483 beneficiaries with grants for micro and small business equipment and seven cooperatives since 2005 through economic empowerment projects totaling € 1.9 million. The sustainability of supported businesses is more than 80%.

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