March 15th

 “The young are the future of Serbia and Nis, and I would say the present as well, and that is why the City will invest the most that it can in your education, development and finally, into employment. Because of you we are building a Scientific Technology Park, a new building of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, and we are investing serious funds in secondary and primary schools, because you are the most important resource for this city and this country”, said Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic on the occasion of opening the 5th Forum of Young Scientists at the University of Nis. More than five hundred of the most successful, most talented and educated young people from almost all of Serbia gathered on this occasion at University of Nis. The Fifth Forum was organized by the Organization Find Raul together with the Youth Office of the City of Nis. This year the partner of the event was the Embassy of Kazakhstan, which under the slogan Support the Future helped Nis to be the capital of science today. The main theme of the Forum this year was young talents and role models for young people.

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