May 09th

This year, for the fourth time in a row, Nis joined the march of the “Immortal Regiment”. The “Immortal Regiment” is a traditional march, in which the descendants of fighters against fascism march through the streets of cities across Serbia, carry photos of their ancestors and symbolically remind them of the glorious days of the struggle against fascism. The official delegations paid their respects and laid flower wreaths at the monument to Soviet pilots who died in the so-called Nis incident in 1944 at the Memorial Complex of Former Concentration camp Crveni Krst. The procession of the Immortal Regiment went on through city streets to the city center and monument to the liberators of Nis. Respects were paid and the flower wreaths were laid by the official delegations of the City of Nis, Nisava District, Serbian Army and Police Forces. This is the second time that the March of the Immortal Regiment is supported by local self-government. It originally began in 2012 in the Siberian city of Tomsk, but this year, the Immortal Regiment is held in more than 110 countries and 500 cities all over the world. People join the processions holding the portraits of their relatives who fought in World War II, and every year the number of participating cities grows. The history of the Serbian people is closely connected with the history of Russia, as confirmed by this manifestation.

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