In the former Nazi Concentration Camp Crveni Krst memorial service was held and the flower wreaths were laid paying respects to patriots who lost their lives in the camp or were executed at Bubanj between 1941 and 1944. This day is also the day of remembrance the first organized breakthrough and the escape of detainees from a concentration camp in the territory of Europe in the winter of 1942. Vladimir Jovanovic from the village of Kravlja, one of the rare survivors and a man who was barely seventeen years old when he was detained behind the barbed wire of the camp, ant relocated to infamous Mauthausen spoke about those years on this occasion. Aleksandar Gaun, the deputy president of the Union of Jewish Municipalities of Serbia, spoke about the suffering of the Jews, who, in addition to captured members of the Partisan and Ravnogorski movement, were the most numerous among the inmates, who pointed out that no camp should ever be forgotten or set aside from the historical scene as the eternal warning of the evil that took over Europe, and which, if these memories were not nurtured and remembered, can quickly be revived. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatović, reiterated that every February 12th, every year, we gathered together in the place where the most brutal pages of our history had been written, because only so united could we preserve our tradition, our past and our roots. “The winner is the one who is able to love and forgive. Therefore, on behalf of all the victims, we are sending a clear message from the Crveni Krst today that the executionsites must be remembered, but not repeated! They should be kept as a historical warning that the war will destroy a man if a man does not destroy the war! “, said Mayor Bulatovic. Traditionally, on the occasion of marking the anniversary of the camp breakthrough, the march of the scouts along the trails along which the prisoners were escaping was organized.

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