Within the Active Employment Policy measures implemented by the City of Nis and the National Employment Service, Subsidy Contracts were awarded to another group of companies and entrepreneurs in Nis in order to promote employment and self-employment of the unemployed, especially those who, due to age or other reasons were having difficulties in finding employment. At the ceremony in the City Hall, the subsidies were given to the beneficiaries of the program by the Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic, the Director of the National Employment Service, Zoran Martinovic, and the Director of National Employment Service Branch Office in Nis Boban Matic. Programs and measures of the active employment policies were implemented on the basis of an agreement signed between the City of Nis and the National Employment Service with a total value of 72,727,000 RSD. Of that amount, the city’s participation is 40 million RSD, while the rest is secured from the funds of the National Employment Service, and the result is the employment of 410 unemployed people. Mayor Bulatovic pointed out that only three years ago the amount that the City of Nis had allocated for this purpose was 5 million dinars, and today 40 million through several different Programs. “At the same time as the number of unemployed is decreasing, the number of employees in Nis is growing; the fight against unemployment is one of the main goals of the city and state management,” Bulatovic said. Otherwise, within the Active Employment Policy Program envisaged by the Local Action Plan for the Employment in Nis for 2018, 118 beneficiaries received subsidies for the self-employment program, 168 for job creation, 30 for acquiring practical knowledge, and 94 for the public works program.

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