After the signing of the memorandum on providing a framework for the improvement of the position of the Roma, signed by the Mayor of Nis and the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, the implementation of the ROMACTED program, which includes promotion of good governance and empowerment of the Roma community at the local level, supported by the EU and the Council of Europe being in charge of its implementation, started. As a part of the program activities, the part of the city where Roma population is predominantly live got new children’s playground. The project is supported by the German Development Agency GIZ and the value of building this playground with new play equipment is 10.000,00 EUR.Nis City Council Member Tijana Djordjevic attended the opening of the children’s playground and pointed out that the City of Nis was undertaking a number of actions in order to improve the position of Roma that made up a significant part of the population. In addition to the programs that are being implemented, there are also projects that are in the process of preparation, on which a specially formed local team at the city level is working. According to her, it is also very important that, all institutions that have the authority to take care of the protection and promotion of the position of national minorities and communities are included in the realization of the programs for improving the social status of Roma. Launching the ROMACTED Program the City of Nis set up a mobile team whose task would be direct field work. One of the basic goals of this program is to help the Roma community strengthen their basic rights and promote personal capacities and skills.


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