November 8th

The Urban Planners’ Exhibition is  a  traditional  annual  manifestation  held by the Serbian town planners  association,  which  is  the  review  of the most significant, current accomplishments in the area of spatial and urban planning, urban design and their realizations. Entire or partial setup of the Exhibition will be presented in  other cities in Serbia and abroad after premier exposition in Belgrade. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic welcomed the participants of the 26th Urban Planners’ Exhibition. “I sincerely believe that, in the future, as a team of scientists and associates, willing and able, together with the best experts and with full IT support, you will perform all the tasks from the domain of spatial planning, urban planning, but also environmental protection as an inseparable part of modern urban activities and thus continue the tradition of your predecessors who have shown through their work that the City of Nis has top experts in this area, “said the Mayor Bulatovic at the opening ceremony.

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