December 8th, 2016
Anti-corruption dialogue “The fight against corruption at the local level” organized by the Local anticorruption forum, has been held at the City Assembly; this has been a closing dialogue of such kind for this year, prepared by this autonomous and independent city body.


The immediate reason for presenting the dialogue on the aforementioned topic is a current development of the Local Action Plan Model for the fight against corruption, the Anti-Corruption Agency is responsible for, in cooperation with the local self-governments and other stakeholders. On the basis of this model, all local self-governments in Serbia in 2017 should make and adopt their local action plans of this kind. It is expected that the Local Action Plan Model should also offer the model of local anti-corruption bodies primarily responsible for its implementation.


Anti-corruption dialogue is one of the measures within the Local plan for the fight against corruption of the City of Nis, which was adopted by the City Assembly in July 2011.


At the Anti-corruption dialogue event, the citizens talked with the Mayor of the City of Niš, Mr. Darko Bulatovic, with the Chairman of the Assembly of the City of Niš, Mr. Rade Rajkovic, with the Deputy Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency, Mr. Vladimir Joksimovic, with the Director of the Bureau for Social Research, Mr.  Zoran Gavrilovic, and with the coordinator of the Local anticorruption forum, Mrs. Zorica Miladinovic.

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