November 28th

ROMACTED, “Promoting good governance and Roma empowerment at local level”, a Joint Programme between the European Union (DG NEAR) and the Council of Europe was presented at Nis City Hall. The specificity of the actions within programme framework would be to assist the local authorities to integrate Roma specific dimension/measures into the mainstream local policies, budgets and public service delivery on their agenda, while enhancing the participation of the Roma citizens in the design, implementation and monitoring of those policies and projects. As a result of the implementation of the programme, it is expected that the participating municipalities remain with consolidated features to continue serving the needs of the Roma population such as sustainable local action plans and one-stop-shops that facilitate the access of Roma to the public services. A Working Group was established with the aim of improving the communication and coordination of activities, and improving the effectiveness of services at the local level dealing with the problems of the Roma, as an expert working body of the City of Nis Council.

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