June 28

The visit of the Bavarian business delegation to Nis was organized by Bavaria’s state ministry for the economy and the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The delegation was comprised of the representatives of 10 companies from different fields, together with the representatives of the Bavarian Ministry Mr. Martin Grossman and Ms. Ursula Heinzel, whose mission of the visit to Serbia was getting to know the potentials for Serbia’s cooperation with this German province, which was considered to be among the richest and most developed region of Europe. This was also the main topic of the discussion of the guests from Bavaria with the Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatović and Assistant Mayor Milos Milosevic, the Head of the City of Nis Office for Local Economic Development and Projects Milan Randjelovic, the director of the Nis Regional Chamber of Commerce Aleksandar Milicevic and the Head of the Association of Businessmen Naissus Dragan Milosevic who presented all the potentials and advantages of this part of our country. Mayor Bulatovic pointed out that, that due to the support of the Government and President Vucic, Nis was developing faster than all other parts of Serbia, and that the fact that Nis was industrial, technological, transport, scientific-educational, as well as the cultural and sports center of this part of our country made it attractive partner for cooperation. “Only the fact that direct flights from Nis  to seven different destinations in Germany provides unprecedented opportunities for increasing the volume of cooperation, both in the economy, as well as in tourism, culture, higher education and all other important segments of life,” Bulatovic said. The Head of the Bavarian delegation Mr. Martin Grossman said that he was impressed by what he saw and heard about Nis and its surroundings, where there were already several large German companies, and that this visit would certainly result in further linking and getting to know future partners because, as he said, the first step must always be getting to know potential partners and gaining confidence, which would, of course, lead to an increase in trade, economic, and any other cooperation between Bavaria and the South of Serbia.

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