February 25th

The day care center for children, youth and adults with disabilities in the development Mara received the donation – computer equipment from representatives of the Serbian – American Friendship Club, Spirit from America Organization and representatives of the US Military Department at US Embassy. As it has been announced, Institution Mara could soon expect another great donation from the American people intended for expansion of the capacities of the institution. On the press conference held on this occasion at Mara Institution the country manager of the Spirit of America Organization for Serbia Mr. John Capello said that they would try to help the citizens of Nis and thus improve the relations between two nations. “I think that Mara is doing incredible job.  I am here for the first time and I hope that we will cooperate for a long time. This is a small donation. We expect long-term cooperation. Thank you for your warm welcome, thank you for everything that people who work here do for the beneficiaries

and I look forward to every new visit,” said John Capello from the Spirit of America. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic thanked the guest from US for providing all the donations and not only to Mara Institution but other health care institutions. He added that the City of Nis provided additional funds for the salaries of the newly employed, and that the project and the program “a break from parenting would be able to start soon” said Bulatovic.

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