December 6th

In the presence of the city officials, businessmen and members of the Nis City Economic Council, Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic presented the contracts companies, entrepreneurs, scientific-educational institutions, clusters and associations from Nis. Funds are allocated under the Local Economic Development Program for 2018. At the beginning of the ceremony Nis City Council Member in charge of local economic development Mihajlo Zdravkovic pointed out the importance of the city support program to the business entities, expressed his gratitude to all the companies and associations that took part in this program. Mayor Bulatovic said that the businessmen themselves were best aware of the significance of the budget and the fact that after many years the budget of the city was stabilized so that it was now possible to redefine certain funds under the local economic development program for 2018. The Local Economic Development Program is implemented by the City of Nis Office for Local Economic Development and Projects. The Head of OLEDP Milan Randjelovic spoke more about the measures and criteria used in the selection of the companies that received grants. Based on the internationalization activities, a total of 13 companies received funds when it comes to the improvement of competitiveness and total of 46 companies received contracts on the allocation funds. Total of 10 entities received funds allocated for the activities for improving the competitiveness of companies that use the Start Up Center and co-working space services and improving the cooperation with economy and scientific-educational institutions.

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