140 years ago, First Grammar School Stevan Sremac was founded. The school started working by the Order of Prince Milan Obrenovic, on September 27th, 1878, in the year of liberation of the southern parts of Serbia from the Turks. This year’s event marking the Day of the School and the anniversary began with a traditional competition in rhetoric, and today a special ceremony was held at the National Theater. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic congratulated the anniversary and used this special occasion to remind everyone about famous and important people who attended this grammar school.

“We are celebrating 140 years since the school started working,” said the school principle Milan Stojanovic. “It’s a great jubilee. This is not just an anniversary of our school. This is an event that is significant for our city, and for the whole country. Some people who were part of this school, in one way or another, have entered the history of our country. These are people from the world of art, culture, politics and general public life. Many important people were students of this school” said director Stojanovic. Principle Stojanovic particularly pointed out one person – a professor and writer Stevan Sremac, after which the school took its name. “He left a great mark in our school, and he connected us with other parts of the country. He was a man who erased all the borders, and he celebrated not only our school by working here, but also Nis in his works”.

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