Nis National Theater in cooperation with the Student Cultural Center and the City of Nis organized the special ceremony Whose Are You, Small Nation of Serbia to mark the Armistice Day. In the presence of numerous officials and representatives of the army, police and church officials, the ceremony was opened by the City of Nis Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur, who, in his speech, evoked memories of the days of glorious Serbian history and reminded of the role of Nis in the First World War. The ceremony and the programme was dedicated to all our ancestors who sacrificed their future for the generations that came after them. The end of the First World War is the end of a complete madness. After the First World War and all the wars through which we passed, we now live our free life, “said the director of the Nis National Theater Spasoje Milovanovic. The actors from Nis National Theatre and Academic Theatre of Student Cultural Center gave their best performances to the texts of Bishop Nikolaj, lyrics by Dobrica Eric and Ms. Lisinac. Academic Choir of the Student Cultural Center of the University of Nis, under the conductor’s baton of artistic director and conductor Zoran Stanisavljević, the Ethno Vocal Group of the Academic Women’s Choir of the Student Cultural Center, the Academic Folklore Ensemble ORO of the Student Cultural Center and the Student Cultural Center National Folk Orchestra Nis performed during the ceremony.





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