Special reception was organized at Nis City Hall on the occasion of the centenary of the liberation of Nis in the First World War. The host of the reception was Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and the guests were the most important representatives of the Serbian Army, police, security services and, of course, representatives of associations that fostered the tradition of the liberation wars and memories of famous ancestors, liberators, and associations that gathered their descendants. The Mayor in his speech on this solemn occasion said that the sacrifice that the liberators of our city made must be taken as the responsibility given to us as the legacy from our ancestors. We have preserved the pride and dignity of the Serbian name, one city and one small country in the Balkans have remained the unconquered territory of the unconquered people. History must not be forgotten, because, when history is forgotten, it is condemned to be repeated. Therefore, on this solemn gathering on the occasion of Nis Liberation Day in the First World War, I would like to send a great message: if a man does not destroy the war, the war will destroy the man! Serbian suffering will never be forgotten, but we will never repeat them again, “as Mayor Bulatovic said.

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