The Day of Healthy Cities was marked for the third time in a row in Nis.  Besides Belgrade and Novi Sad, Nis is one of the cities that, as a responsible local community, support the efforts of all relevant institutions and organizations to make our city a healthy environment, an environment that looks into the future and enables its citizens to achieve full health capacity. According to the Nis City Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur, who welcomed the guest on the behalf of the City of Nis, the concern for the health of our population is a priority of the city and an important task that must be solved systematically and where all institutions, organizations and individuals must be involved. “The concept of a healthy life and a healthy city is the issue, of both personal and social responsibility. As a responsible local community, the City of Nis has always supported healthy lifestyles and promoted sports and skills that preserve and promote physical as well as mental and spiritual health, “Deputy Mayor said. He added that the City of Nis, together with the Institute for Public Health and all partner institutions in the field of public health, was trying to answer all the challenges that lie ahead of the modern city, such as air pollution, noise, etc. “Our goal is for the City of Nis to be a healthy and desirable place for the life of all its citizens, and this can be achieved only in the environment that has adequate urban planning, the health and social protection system, communal policies and a stabilized employment rate. Healthy cities are cities that represent a safe, desirable, healthy and happy environment for every citizen, “Deputy Mayor said.

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