September 1st

The 52nd Art Colony was officially opened in Sicevo. With its entire existence for more than half a century Art Colony followed and in a certain way encouraged the development of contemporary art in this region continuing the tradition of Nadezda Petrovic.
According to the proposal of the Artistic Council of the Art Colony Sicevo, whose president is Miodrag Daja Anđelković, Master of Graphic, this year 11 participants from Serbia (Belgrade, Nis, Pančevo), Sweden, Hungary, Macedonia and Montenegro were invited to take part in the colony.The participants of this year’s colony are Miomir Vemic, Toni Catleski, Martin Due, Milan Djuric, Dusan Mitic, Snezana Manasic, Slobodan Milosavljevic Gane, Sinisa Zikic, Aleksandar Milanovic, Mirjana Andjelkovic and Aleksandar Devic.

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