June 22nd

The Vice President of the Government of Serbia and the President of the Gender Equality Coordination Body, prof. Dr. Zorana Mihajlovic, presented in Nis the keys of the car, which would be used for the transportation of women and children victims of domestic violence in this city who are accommodated at the Safe House in Nis. Mihajlovic said at a press conference held at Nis City Hall that over five years more than 500 women passed through the safe house, and that every tenth of them was over 60 years old. “This is especially worrying, because they are our grandmothers, aunts, mothers, who suffered violence,” Mihajlovic said. She said that the Ministry supported 10 projects in safe houses, for which 10 million dinars were allocated. “We also plan to donate computers, which will no longer be used in the Government, as a gift to safe houses, and we will try to involve other ministries. This is especially important for children in safe houses, because we want to help them have better conditions to grow and develop despite the difficulties they face, “Mihajlovic said.”It is the task of all of us to help, to have as little as possible women and children staying in safe houses, and to create conditions for them to live freely again,” Mihajlovic said. She added that the car for safe house in Nis was donated by RS Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, and that it was used car which was serviced and it would be of help in the daily functioning, primarily when safe house dweller need to go to court or the social care center. The keys to the car were delivered to Mrs. Sonja Scekic, the director of the Safe House in Nis.

Mrs. Scekic thanked the Deputy Prime Minister for her donation to the institution which provided 24-hour protection to victims of domestic violence, adding that the promise made during her previous visit to the Safe House in November 2016 was fulfilled. “The Deputy Prime Minister is constantly taking care of safe houses. Besides the donation in cars we have signed the contract for the project “Protect Yourself with Greenery” which would enable the green fence to be made around the safe house. Mrs. Scekic added that expressed concern was at the same time the message to all women who might be suffering the violence, to report it because they were not alone, they had the support and the state cared about them.

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic thanked, on the behalf of the City of Nis, to the Deputy PM Zorana Mihajlovic, for the donation, and pointed out that he was extremely pleased because the Deputy Prime Minister had the opportunity to learn more about all the projects implemented in Nis with the support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia at a meeting with the management of the city and city municipalities.

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