June 19th

The best pilots from 30 countries of the world, from all continents, came to Nis for the World Cup in Paragliding, in cross-country flying, which will be held until June 24th in Nis. The best pilots, 130 of them, will compete in racing on altitudes up to 3,500 meters.

“Here are the best pilots of the world, our dear guests. We are honored that we can be their hosts. We will do everything that is necessary, and we have already done a lot of things during the preparation period for this cup, so that the competition can be held to everyone’s satisfaction. In addition to the impressions that they will have from the angle from which they observe the world, besides the adrenaline, which undoubtedly this sport provides, as I am informed, the greatest impression is of the beautiful nature of the south of Serbia. We have something to boast about and be proud of. I am sure that our dear guests will have the best memoires of the beautiful nature”, as Mayor Bulatovic said. He added that the local self-government did everything that was necessary in order for this competition be organized in the best possible way.

“During the past year, we had many activities, many high level organizations of global and European significance; we organized the stay of the RS Government in Nis. And now everything is much easier. We are pleased to be the hosts and organizers of all the contents that this city needs and which we have been missing for decades” as Buylatovic said.
The Paragliding World Cup was organized by the Aeronautical Association of Serbia, supported by the line ministry, the City of Nis and the City Municipality of Pantelej.

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