The program for Local Economic Development of the City of Nis for 2017 provides for the first time the awards St. Emperor Constantine and St. Empress Helen for most successful companies headquartered in Nis in the year 2016 which are for a reason awarded on this particular date.

The celebration of the city patron saints’ days is an opportunity to recognize the best companies in Ns, which, in various fields, are contributing to its local economic development. Their contribution is the contribution to the positioning of Nis on the business map of Serbia as the regional center and an ideal destination for new investments. Companies, small, medium and large enterprises, as well as a number of entrepreneurs and supporting institutions, through their work contribute to a more positive economic image of the city and reducing of the unemployment.

Those, who are opening new companies and they are growing in numbers, are the sign that there are new business ideas and plans for the development of existing ones.
Institutions in the education system are working closely with business community and the local self-government is doing everything to support and further develop establish synergy of all stakeholders in the important process of local economic development. Among the many winners in several categories, there are companies like Philip Morris, Aster Textiles, Johnson Electric, Benetton and Leoni, while among awarded local companies, there are  construction company Put Inzenjering, Bakery Brankovic and meat industry Biftek. The association of businessmen Naisus was awarded to as well as Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for outstanding contribution to local economic development. The beginners in business are companies Federman, Mildeks and Anakvadrat doo Nis.

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