Nis City Council Member Mrs. Jelena Mitrovski met today with the participants of the scientific conference Nis and Byzantium which, on the occasion of the city festivity days celebrating city patron St. Emperor Constantine and St. Empress Helen, was held in Nis.
It is a prestigious scientific conference which has been organized in our city for 16 years, and, which brings together world-renowned scholars studying Byzantine period. This year’s scientific symposium Nis and Byzantium was the central Serbian scientific conference dedicated to the most important event in the history of Serbian statehood , i.e., the 800th anniversary of the First Serbian Kingdom and the coronation of Stefan the First Crowned. It is a great tribute to the efforts of the organizers to keep this conference going for so many years and to be a good host and preserve initial scientific and organizational level.


According to Nis City Council Member Mrs. Jelena Mitrovski the goal was set 16 years before to set the profile of the symposium Nis and Byzantium profiled as a respectable international congresses Byzantium studying scholars, after which the City of Nis would be recognized outside our country. She thanked the participants and invited them to come and take part in this prestigious scientific meeting again.

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