April 25th

The paving of potholes in Ivana Mulutinovica Street started. After a few days break due to holidays and weather conditions the repair works started on several frequency locations in the city.
Nis City Council Member Milos Milosevic visited the site and on this occasion he announced that, as part of a regular maintenance program in the coming period, the works will be at full speed in the streets where there were problems with damages and holes on the roadway.


The traffic in Ivana Milutinovica Street is not suspended during repair works and there are not any major traffic jams.  This is a very important road that connects several large villages with the city, but so far the drivers had a lot of problems at the entrance to the street because of large potholes.


The repair works started in the following streets as well: Romanijska, Marina Drzica and Gabrovacka.

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