April 19th

On the occasion of the premiere concert of NiS Symphony Orchestra, which will be held on Thursday, April 20th, the reception for the artists were organized at the VIP lounge of Nis City Hall.

Nis City Council Member Mrs. Jelena Mitrovski met with the orchestra conductor from Netherlands Josef Suilen, who will be conducting Nis Symphony Orchestra at following night performance. Maestro Suilen has already appeared before Nis audience at NIMUS.
At the premiere concert, Ehlimana Tikvesa, the professor at the Faculty in Sarajevo will be at the piano, Marko Radonic Montenegrin Philharmonic concert master will be playing the violin and Marija Djurdjevic Ilic, the member of the Montenegrin Philharmonic will be playing the flute. The program will consist of the works by composers Martinu and List for the flute, the violin and the piano as well as Beethoven’s symphony.

This is an excellent opportunity for all young lovers of classical music to come to listen to Nis Symphony Orchestra and enjoy the music of eminent artists.

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