Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovicv and his Excellency the Ambassador of Finland Pertti Ikonen planted in the park in front of City Gardens in the Fortress of five new birch trees in honor of the Finnish jubilee, the centenary of independence.

In Serbia, the centenary will be celebrated by a series of events presenting the Finnish culture, art, business, as well as the way of living. One of the projects is the planting of 100 trees in Belgrade and other cities in Serbia, aimed at promoting environment-friendly behavior. Finland is ranked the greenest country in the world, with around 65 per cent of Finland’s total land area covered by forest. Forests are like water in Finland: ever-present, including in the major cities. Finnish forest management relies exclusively on tree species native to Finland. The most common and economically important trees are spruce, pine and birch.

“This year Finland celebrates 100 years of independence which is a great occasion to talk about nature conservation, one of the core values of our society. Finland is among the cleanest and greenest countries in the world and we want Serbia to be the same”, Ambassador Ikonen said.

Planting of trees in Serbia is sponsored by Lindstrom, EuroCons, Agromarket (Fiskars), KPA Unicon, I&F McCann Group and other companies supporting the program of celebrations for Finland’s 100 years of independence.

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