The secondary comprehensive school Svetozar Markovic in Nis got Smart Classroom of Russian Language, whose complete renovation, adaptation and procurement of modern equipment was assisted by NIS under the “Community Together” Program.

This project is unique in the region and is designed with the goal of raising the quality of teaching through multimedia learning. The classroom has the most up-to-date equipment and learning materials, such as an interactive whiteboard, which works as computer and where it is possible to watch movies and educational contents, and to conduct an electronic search of interactive content, in addition to writing. Also, the “smart classroom” is equipped with the latest literature. In addition to high school students, the teachers of all elementary and high schools from Nis, as well as students from the Department of Russian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Nis, will be able to use this classroom. Also, this classroom will also be a place where extra-curricular activities related to the promotion of Russian language and Russian culture among students of elementary and secondary schools in Nisava district will be held.
The classroom was officially opened in the presence of City of Nis Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur, the Director of the Russian Humanitarian Mission Aleksej Polkovnikov, the Director of the Secondary Comprehensive School Svetozar Markovic in Nis, Marijan Misic and a representative of NIS.

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