Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and associates visited Novi Sad where they met with Mayor Milos Vucevic to discuss important topics from the competencies of local self-governments and exchange experiences from the areas they deal with. Mayor Bulatovic thanked Mayor Vucevic for his hospitality, saying that he was pleased that the representatives of the two local governments had the opportunity to discuss the organization of work and important issues.

– It is important for us to hear how public utility companies are operating in Novi Sad, especially in the winter period, but priority is given to the topics related to working zones and the creation of conditions for the arrival of investors, i.e., employment of citizens – emphasized Mayor Bulatovic. Bulatovic invited representatives of Novi Sad to visit Nis, noting that the main goal of cooperation and discussion was to provide the best possible conditions for the life of citizens in order to employ and start families in our cities, and not somewhere in the world.

“We talked about our experience related to the construction land, property tax, problems in the utilities sector, and Mr. Bulatovic and his associates presented the positive aspects of the simplification of the city administration, i.e., the transition to a unified city administration. We concluded that the most important thing was to continue to support new investments, and creating new jobs, which directly affects the revenues of the local self-government. We also talked about a common problem related to lawsuits against the City and agreed that we must continue to insist before the republic authorities that inadequately well-defined legal solutions, referring to local level, are better regulated, because these problems affect the whole system – said Mayor Milos Vucevic.

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