September 19th

The certificates for successfully completed U-NI 2016 professional practice were awarded at Nis City Hall. U-NI Practice in 2016 is a project implemented by the City of Nis and the University of Nis, and was carried out by the City of Nis Youth Office. The project aimed to provide young people with the opportunity to acquire professional practice, to receive a certificate of practice that is recognized by the University of Nis as extracurricular activity and 3 additional ESP points, and recommendations by mentors that could serve for better positioning in the labor market.

The introductory speech was given by Stevan Zivkovic, the Head of the Youth Office of the City of Nis, who said that the practice was initiated for the second time with the help of the Youth Office and the City of Nis. The practice lasted for a month in the public sector, and in the future it was expected that more institutions would participate. This year there were 116 positions for interns, 53 applications and 48 selected candidates. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic said that all this wasachieved due to the joint initiative and work of the institutions in Nis.

The Evaluation of the U-NI Practice Project in 2016 showed that students were extremely satisfied with this year’s practice, and public sector mentors had the expertise and goodwill to get into the work with their young colleagues. There is an idea that the following year, the duration of the practice will be extended, increasing the number of offered positions for practitioners, and potentially providing the practice in the private sector.

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