“As the first man of the city I will do everything so that my fellow citizens can live better,” as newly elected Mayor Mr. Darko Bulatovis said during the official taking over of the office. Former Mayor Mr. Zoran Perisic congratulated Bulatovic on new position, noting that the city administration is being handed over in a better condition than it had been in 2012 when he took over the office.

“I am sure that the team, that new Mayor has gathered, will provide full support in achieving his program objectives. The programme that he has presented was really impressive. It shows that my place is being taken over by new man with a very serious intent and with clear goals. I urge the new city councilors to assist in the work of the new Mayor and I wish to him a successful first four-year office term” as the former Mayor Perisic said on this occasion.

“I will do really everything in my power so that no citizen of Nis is ashamed of what I did. I am not ashamed of the past, I want to work with my team to contribute to our citizens being more satisfied and happier, to in the context of local self-government exercise their rights through the work of the local self-government which will be organized differently and where the attitudes of the employees and their behaviour towards the citizens will be different,” said the new Mayor Darko Bulatovic.

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