Aleksandar Stojičić finished primary and secondary school in Niš, as well as specialist studies at the Academy of Technical-Educational Vocational Studies in Niš. He completed professional training for operational wrestling coach at the University of Niš Faculty of Sport and Physical Education. He is a licensed trainer by the MMA Federation of Serbia.

As a competitor, coach and organizer of domestic and international competitions, he has been active in martial arts for fifteen years. He is one of the pioneers, and certainly one of the most recognized MMA fighters in this area. His score of 11 victories and only one defeat places him at the very top of martial arts, and not only in our region.

He attended preparations for matches, training, instructor and study courses throughout Europe and the world. During his professional career, which has lasted since 2016, he was a member of the best club in Scotland in Edinburgh and Glasgow and worked with the best team for months. He attended seminars in wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, strength and endurance training in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Ulm, Karlsruhe. He spent several months training in Zurich, Switzerland. He spent a month in Bali and Indonesia working with the most prominent wrestlers in the Asian region.

His long-term coaching work resulted in the launch of MMA sports, as well as Brazilian jiu-jitsu in the south of Serbia. His coaching career is focused on building amateur infrastructure in martial arts.

Aleksandar Stojičić is married and the father of one child.