November 8th

The Urban Planners’ Exhibition is  a  traditional  annual  manifestation  held by the Serbian town planners  association,  which  is  the  review  of the most significant, current accomplishments in the area of spatial and urban planning, urban design and their realizations. Entire or partial setup of the Exhibition will be presented in  other cities in Serbia and abroad after premier exposition in Belgrade. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic welcomed the participants of the 26th Urban Planners’ Exhibition. “I sincerely believe that, in the future, as a team of scientists and associates, willing and able, together with the best experts and with full IT support, you will perform all the tasks from the domain of spatial planning, urban planning, but also environmental protection as an inseparable part of modern urban activities and thus continue the tradition of your predecessors who have shown through their work that the City of Nis has top experts in this area, “said the Mayor Bulatovic at the opening ceremony.


November 7th

Two young people – Tamara Klaric and Bogdan Stevanovic – have done something that deserves not only applause, but represents also a motive for all of us to help those who are facing some health risks. On Monday, October 30th, Tamara and Bogdan walked from Belgrade to Nis (slightly more than 200 km) to raise funds to complete the construction of a children’s chemo-oncology department at the Clinic for Children’s Internal Diseases in Nis. Supported by the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (NURDOR), Tamara and Bogdan, resisting wind and bad weather, reached Nis on Monday, November 6th. Nis City Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur met Tamara and Bogdan at Nis City Hall. He thanked them on the behalf of the City of Nis for the shown humanity. During the campaign called symbolically Step Forward Tamara and Bogdan made more than 256,000 steps, and invited all citizens and organizations to support them in this important venture by sending text messages to number 1150.


November 7th

The construction of new production facilities of the IMI factory started. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic visited today with his associates the location where this factory is being built. It is expected that the first workers will be employed during 2018. By opening a factory at the location “Lozni kalem” 1,200 workers will get job. The investment is worth more than 33 million euros, and the Serbian government will subsidize each new job with about 6,800 euro. The factory in Niska Banja will produce electronic components for the automotive and information technology industries in Europe and countries where Ayala and IMI have their production facilities and business partners.


November 6th


This year’s City of Nis Youth Day was marked in a spectacular way, with the first concert by Dejan Petrović in Nis. 10,000 young people enjoyed the music of this great artist and his band Big Band.  The stage was set on the unusual location on the River Nisava. “Young people are the most important resource of Nis and the city administration seeks to show how important it is that young people stay here, in Nis, by creating adequate conditions for work, improvement, advancement and beautiful life. One of the segments of decent life is access to various manifestations, cultural, sports, such as this concert is“    as Nis City Council Member for Youth and Sports Branislav Kacar said.  According to Nis City Council Member Branislav Kacarthis is only the first in a series of cultural events that the city will organize.

Here you can watch a video from the spectacular concert of Dejan Petrović in Nis


November 6th

High school students from the Dutch town of Roermond are visiting the Law and Adminsitrative Secondary School in Nis. Nis City Deputy Mayor Milos Bandjur met with the visiting and host students. He welcomed them on the behalf of the City of Nis and briefly introduced them to the rich history of the city. Law and Adminsitrative Secondary School in Nis has been implementing similar projects for many years, within which the pupils are socializing with their peers from Europe during their study visits.


November 3rd

Based on the agreement on joint implementation of programs and measures of active employment policies signed between the City of Nis and the National Employment Service – Branch Office Nis, 4 different measures of active employment policy were financed. The programme budget is 54.5 million dinars, out of which the City of Nis provided 30 million, and the National Employment Service provided 24.5 million. Those 4 active measures are reffering to public works, subsidies for employment of unemployed persons in the category of hard-to-employ people in newly created jobs, subsidies for self-employment and a program of professional practice. The total number of people assisted in this way is 364 persons. “The increase in employment is the top of the development priorities of the City of Nis. One way to solve the problem of unemployment is to provide subsidies and to encourage the development of entrepreneurship, since the launch of family, small and medium-sized enterprises is an important segment in the fight against unemployment. However, in order to achieve this, it is necessary to create the appropriate economic environment and legal regulations in accordance with international standards, thus giving incentives to both domestic and foreign investors who are ready to open new companies and employ people. The great value that this City already possesses represents an educated and professional workforce and it represents a chance for the future” as Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic said on the occasion of awarding the contracts.


November 1st

The hundredth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Sweden was celebrated with a concert of Serbian and Swedish music at the City Hall in Nis. The Embassy of Sweden has devoted a series of events related to this anniversary to Nis. Besides that, on the last day of October, the first plane to Stockholm from the airport “Konstantin Veliki” took off.   The hundredth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Sweden was celebrated with a concert of Serbian and Swedish music at the City Hall in Nis. The Embassy of Sweden has devoted a series of events related to this anniversary to Nis. Besides that, on the last day of October, the first plane to Stockholm from the airport “Konstantin Veliki” took off.

“A century ago, the Government of the Kingdom of Serbia, which was then positioned on the island of Corfu, signed a document posting Bogoljub Jevtić a Second  Secretary / clerk  to a Mission to Stockholm. After a month, he was replaced by the Serbian poet and diplomat, Milan Rakic, who officially opened the first Serbian diplomatic mission. This is the beginning of diplomatic cooperation between our two countries, which has not been interrupted since then, “said H.E. Mr Jan Lundin, ambassador of Sweden. On the occasion of this anniversary photographs from the State Archives of Sweden were shown at the City Hall of Nis. They have been displayed to a broad audience thanks to the historian Dušan Topalović, who lives in Sweden. The Mayor of Nis, Darko Bulatović, emphasized that the City of Nis has a very good cooperation with the Swedish embassy, ​​especially in the field of water purification and waste water management. “Thanks to the Swedien, the city  of  Nis will get important water purification capacities, which is a great benefit for both the city and the citizens of Niš,” Bulatovic said.

This manifestation also encompassed a photo exhibition called “Swedish Dads” arranged in cooperation with the organisation “Gnezdo-Beograd and Young Ambassadors. The photos show some precious moments of fathers with their children aiming at pointing out the importance that dads also use the parental right to be absent from work in order to be with their children. The exhibition will be open until November 7th. The celebration of the first century of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Sweden ended with a concert and the performance of Serbian and Swedish music in the City Hall. The Swedish music was performed by the pianist Milica Lundin, wife of the ambassador and violinist Žana Lekić. The Serbian music was performed by two artists from Niš, Anđela Bratić on flute and Stevan Spalević on piano.


November 1st

New Ryanair flight Stockholm-Nis-Stockholm was introduced today. The welcoming ceremony for the first flight from Stockhol was attended by His Excellency Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to the Republic of Serbia Mr. Jan Lundin, Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and the General Manager of the Nis Airport Constantine the Great Vladica Djurdjanovic. Passengers will be able to fly to Stockholm and back on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Ambassador of Sweden Jan Lundin underlined the importance of establishing this route to connect two nations and two countries. “Now the Swedes have the opportunity to travel to Nis and see the potentials here, not only tourist attractions, but also business potentials.” Mayor Bulatovic said that each new destination represented a new window to the world and once again confirmed that the money, which the city and the state had allocated for the development of Nis Airport, was fully justified investment. He stressed that, in the future, the City of Nis would, in accordance with its capabilities, do everything to further improve the capacities of the Constabtine the Great Airport. The General Manager of the Nis Airport Constantine the Great Vladica Djurdjanovic said that he was proud of such a large number of passengers in the first year and underlined that this was just another proof of the great significance and potential of the Nis airport.


October 31st

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic together with his associates has visited the sport courts in the trenches of the Nis Fortres which are being reconstructed. The goal of the City of Nis is to revitalize the abandoned and decript sport courts which used to be used for recreation for more than a decade. The first phase includes basketball courts with stands and dressing rooms, the second phase includes the volleyball courts, while the third includes football field and athletic track. The realization of this project would provide new terrains for recreation, training and competitive activities, for volleyball, handball, basketball, gymnastics and athletics. The value of the works is about 50 million dinars, funded from the city budget, and partly by donations.


October 30th

For the sixth year consecutive, the Traffic Safety Agency has been conducting a campaign aimed at improving the safety of children in traffic. The representatives of the Traffic Safety Agency organized a meeting with local council members and on that occasion the cooperation agreement was signed with the High Technical School of Vocational Studies from Nis.