May 24th


The meeting of the representatives of the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education of the University of Nis and the representatives of the City of Nis took place at Nis City Hall on the occasion of the guest appearance of prof. Laura Capranika from the University of Rome Foro Italico. She spent a week in Nis and held a series of lectures for students and  professors of master and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education within the EU program Erasmus +. Professor Capranika is a renowned expert in dual education and dual career in the area of sports, advisor to the European Parliament for dual career and participant in a number of projects in the field of dual education. The meeting organized by the Nis City Assistant Mayor Marina Kostic was attended by the representatives of respective secretariats of Nis City Administration, Regional Chamber of Commerce in Nis, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development – School Administration in Nis, the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Nis. On this occasion, the examples of good practice in the field of dual education in the European Union, the projects financed from EU funds, exclusively dedicated to the development of dual education, were presented. Professor Laura Capraniki highlighted the importance of applying sport in dual education and praised the personnel potential of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education from Nis, but also stressed the importance of the expressed willingness of the local government to support the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the education system.


March 15th

 “The young are the future of Serbia and Nis, and I would say the present as well, and that is why the City will invest the most that it can in your education, development and finally, into employment. Because of you we are building a Scientific Technology Park, a new building of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, and we are investing serious funds in secondary and primary schools, because you are the most important resource for this city and this country”, said Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic on the occasion of opening the 5th Forum of Young Scientists at the University of Nis. More than five hundred of the most successful, most talented and educated young people from almost all of Serbia gathered on this occasion at University of Nis. The Fifth Forum was organized by the Organization Find Raul together with the Youth Office of the City of Nis. This year the partner of the event was the Embassy of Kazakhstan, which under the slogan Support the Future helped Nis to be the capital of science today. The main theme of the Forum this year was young talents and role models for young people.


140 years ago, First Grammar School Stevan Sremac was founded. The school started working by the Order of Prince Milan Obrenovic, on September 27th, 1878, in the year of liberation of the southern parts of Serbia from the Turks. This year’s event marking the Day of the School and the anniversary began with a traditional competition in rhetoric, and today a special ceremony was held at the National Theater. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic congratulated the anniversary and used this special occasion to remind everyone about famous and important people who attended this grammar school.

“We are celebrating 140 years since the school started working,” said the school principle Milan Stojanovic. “It’s a great jubilee. This is not just an anniversary of our school. This is an event that is significant for our city, and for the whole country. Some people who were part of this school, in one way or another, have entered the history of our country. These are people from the world of art, culture, politics and general public life. Many important people were students of this school” said director Stojanovic. Principle Stojanovic particularly pointed out one person – a professor and writer Stevan Sremac, after which the school took its name. “He left a great mark in our school, and he connected us with other parts of the country. He was a man who erased all the borders, and he celebrated not only our school by working here, but also Nis in his works”.


The students and professors from the Dutch city of Lermond, who were staying in Nis as guests of the Law and Business Secondary School as the part of the traditional student exchange between schools, were welcomed today at Nis City Hall. The students were welcomed by Nis City Council Member in charge of education Mirko Zecević who welcomed the guests from the Netherlands and briefly informed them about the rich cultural and historical tradition of our city. Within this student exchange there are 17 students from Lermond and two professors visiting Nis. Lermond is the city that is located in the far south of the Netherlands near the Belgian and German borders. As the director of the Law and Business School announced, Milorad Gavrilovic, during the seven-day stay, the students from the country of tulips, would be able to get acquainted with our educational system and see some of the projects that this school was implementing. The students will also attend the classes during which the business operations of a company are simulated. The Delegation from Nis had already been in Lermont last year, and there were plans for another study visit in March the following year.


Education and Job Fair was organized today at Officers’ Mess Building in Nis as the part of Nis Forum of Advanced Technologies.  State Secretary at the RS Ministry of Labor, Employment of Veteran and Social Affairs Svetozar Aleksov addressed the guest at the opening ceremony. Also the guest were greeted by Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic saying that the Job Fair which was organized in the city into which the state seriously invested with the intention to facilitate its becoming both regional and national technological center of the 21st century, represented a unique opportunity for all those seeking jobs in the field of information and communication technologies, electronics, mechanical engineering and advanced technologies in general.  This is the right place to consider, on one hand, the educational potentials in Nis, as well as the demand for labor in industry sector, on the other hand. Nis Forum of Advanced Technologies and the Job Fair as its integral part were organized with the goal of presenting to the public the economic, scientific and educational potentials of Nis and the entire region,” said Mayor Bulatovic. After the opening ceremony the delegations of the Ministry, the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the National Employment Service and the City of Nis and numerous officials, visited the stands of the companies and educational institutions participating in the fair. The growth of companies operating in the field of advanced technologies is evident, and human resources are one of the most important factors for this growth. This is precisely why the specialized employment fair and professional orientation fair are an integral part of the Advanced Technology Forum. This is also an excellent opportunity to see the educational potentials the city provides on one hand and to see what the economy needs on the other. In line with the concept of the main event, the job fair will be focused on the fields of information and communication technologies, electronics, mechanical engineering, biomedicine and advanced technologies in general. This is a unique opportunity for anyone looking for job in these areas to present themselves to employers, inquire about employment conditions and prospects for work, submit their applications and work biographies. Secondary schools, colleges and faculties, educational institutions that play a significant role in ensuring adequate human resources structure will be presented at the Education Fair. The harmonization of the educational system with the needs of the economy and technological development enables young people to be educated in their own town with very promising prospects in the future.



June 29th

Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and the Minister of Youth and Sports in the Government of Serbia Vanja Udovicic, today, awarded the scholarships to the best students of the University of Nis, who received Fund for Talents scholarships. This year, the scholarships will be awarded to a total of 1,300 students in Serbia, with 400 of them being at the postgradute studies. In Nis, 197 most talented students from Nis University received the scholarship, 30 of them with an average grade of 10. “It is very important that, from year to year, the scholarships from the Ministry of Youth and Sports are getting bigger and more srudents are being awarded. Following the activities of the Ministry and the Government of Serbia aimed at young talented people, the local self-government, strives to, in the true sense of the word, valorize the gem that it has, seeks to enable the opening of new jobs so that these young people can stay here. As a significant project that we are implementing with the state, I would also like to mention the construction of the most modern Scientific Research Center in the Balkans, and, by the implementation of this project the state shows how interested it is in the future of our young pople who are the future of us all”, Mayor Bulatovic said. He stressed that the City of Niš was also trying to allocate more funds from the city budget for scholarships for a larger number of secondary school and students. Minister Udovicic stressed that the Ministry had made enormous efforts to provide adequate scholarships for the most talented young people in Serbia. “I am extremely pleased that, today, scholarship amounts to 30 thousand dinars and that this amount is bigger than last year”, Minister Udovicic said. On this occasion Minister praised the activities of the City of Nis in the field of youth policy.


June 20th

The City of Nis, with its decision on encouraging the development of talented secondary school and university students, envisaged scholarships as one of the types of incentives, for talented secondary school and university students which achieved top results during their previous previous education. Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic presented the scholarship contracts to talented secondary school and university students today. “Being the best is the privilege of a small number of people, and the path to success is filled with great work, dedication and sacrifice. Ambition, with the awareness of the goal to which it is pursued, as well as the enormous work and effort, inevitably leads to success, with great contributions made by your teachers as well as your parents. The City of Nis is proud of your success and wants you to continue this way. Today, we are awarding ther scholarships to 29 secondary school students and 67 university students. I hope that these numbers will be bigger next year, and I am convinced that the good news that we are receiving about your successes will be more noticeable in the future because you are the true capital of this city and our state, “said Mayor Bulatovic on the occasion of the awarding of the scholarship contracts. He congratulated all the awardees. The City of Nis has allocated 7.5 million dinars for schoalrships for talented secondary school and university students this year. The monthly amount of the scholarship is 6,500 dinars. According to the Mayor, the City of Nis will allocate 50% more funds for scholarships for the next year, compared to this year.



The fair is intended for the students of the final grades of high schools and represents the opportunity to find out more about possible future calling in one place directly from the representatives of the faculties of the different universities in direct contact and conversation. The opening of the fair was also attended by Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic who, on this occasion, pointed out that the task of every serious local government was to help young people when it was about their vocational training for future calling.


March 30th

10th Festival called Science is Not A Bogey Man started at the Faculty of Electronic today. It was organized by the Secondary Grammar School Svetozar Markovic. The festival was officially opened by Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatović who, on this occasion, congratulated the jubilee of promotion of science and knowledge. He emphasized that the festival became the brand of our city and one of the most prestigious city events. Bulatovic pointed out that Nis was the capital of science and knowledge of creative young people these days. He said that the City of Nis more than ever invested in young people, in their education and progress. “The city has started the first phase of the construction of a science and technology park and allocated 50 million dinars for it. After the construction of Student Creative Center, the place where all students and all talented people can exchange experiences and ideas, we expect two more phases of construction. After that, I sincerely believe that Nis will have all the necessary conditions for the development of science, “Bulatovic said. For the past decade the science festival has become the largest in its field, i.e., the promotion of young talents and science, not only in southern Serbia, but also in the country and the region. The festival was visited by more than 140 000 visitors and about 8 000 participants took part in it. It offers to its visitors the possibility to have a look at the world of science in a completely different way, reveals them an interesting way of learning and enables participation in interactive settings, as well as socializing with many renowned and well-known scientists.


January 26th

The best students in 2017 from all 13 faculties of the University of Nis were presented with the City of Nis awards for their achievement during the course of their studies. The awards were also received by students who finished the studies with an average grade of 10 during their studies. The awards were presented by the Nis City Mayor Darko Bulatovic and the President of the Nis City Assembly, Rade Rajkovic. “To all of you who are the pride of this City, I congratulate on the results achieved and I believe that you yourselves know that the only investment that has never been proved to be wrong is investing in the future and knowledge. You are our future and these awards are just mere symbol of our care for you, our appreciation of our efforts and our wish to motivate you for further achievements. Constant and diligent work is the only way to get results that will last, and you have already, for the most part, shown that you can change the world around you, “said Mayor Darko Bulatovic.